You’ll Hurl



Liggy writes:

Nice to know that some of the GAA followers are born-again Neanderthals.

We don’t have enough sexism in this country at a national, institutional and business level so it is nice to see individual knuckle-draggers like this one make a solid contribution to the cause too.

Pity he picked on a woman with 1000s of followers on her GAA Instagram page who promptly shared the exchange.

….but but but it’s ok. In an exciting further exchange of messages, he was able to explain what happened and was sure the law was on his side.

The gobshite….

No need for the language.


Cathríona Heffernan (Facebook)



Thanks Rob G

61 thoughts on “You’ll Hurl

  1. Casey

    What an utter silly pants. Does not matter if anyone of any gender has 0 or 100000000 instafacespacetwiffer followers, acting like this to someone looking for tickets is being a wangly-woo. Getting someone’s hopes up and then saying no is the act of a blaggard.

      1. martco

        I’m fairly sure the word is “blackguard”

        I haven’t heard that one since my granny was alive, very good

          1. Brother Barnabas

            don’t think so

            it was a lowly kitchen servant

            and blaggard is an alternative spelling. both are fine.

    1. Co C.

      I thought you said “does not matter if anyone has a gender of 0 or 100000000”.
      That confused me verily.

  2. AnAccountant

    What a lovely fella. The odd time I might find myself drinking a pint or two in my local GAA bar. I always enjoy going there because nobody blanks you or gives you dirty looks on account of you being a dirty outsider. Such a warm and welcoming culture.

  3. Liggy

    Thanks for publishing lasses and leaving the language intact.

    I argue that there is a need for it. Neandathaals don’t take any notice of social niceties and one of the worst thing you can do is be polite or subtle with them…. no matter what gender they are.

    1. Liggy

      I’d say she was shaking when she saw that reply.
      A friend wrote it!
      THE LAW!
      …. shaking with conclusive laughter at him digging a bigger tool shaped hole for himself.

  4. Murtles

    It was my friend Jimmy…. Gerry….Johnny who wrote it…..
    The dog ate my tickets…..
    Shure I’m a woman meself…..

    Haha keep digging there Neil

      1. Erin going braless

        Ah yes. The Mike Tyson defense.
        Ya know that woman (my wife) wot I bet so badly that I she was bruised, had broken bones and passed out.
        Well, I couldn’t have done that, me Mammy is a woman ergo, i like women.
        Fupping hardware implement.

  5. Nice Anne

    This gem made me howl when he realised she had shared the exchange on Instagram…..”you should be more responsible”

    Then YOU should be more responsible with your fingers and not let them be sexist on your phone, you giant Muppet arseface.

    Must be terrible having people actually see the turgid crap that goes on in his mind.

  6. Frilly Keane

    Is it a Déise lad cribbing
    Or a heron choker?

    Incidentally when your still on the hunt for an AI ticket all sorts of decency and manners goes AWOL

    Just saying
    Neither sides’ are right at the moment

    1. Dubhlinn

      No, no it’s not ok. Decency going out the window is not ok. Bad enough to be shafted by the state, banks and employers. What hope if we do it to each other?
      You are wrong.
      There is a clear idiot here, this is not a “ah shure both sides…..”

      1. Frilly Keane

        ya coddin me
        this is ALL Ireland Ticket stuff

        nothin’ else matters to those still on the hunt for a ticket

        1. sOCK pUPPET

          what did the woman do that was wrong other than ask a fathead to sell some tickets to her that he had for sale?!?!

  7. Dubhlinn

    FFS – it is hard enough getting and keeping girls in sport. This bullshit is what keeps them out or makes them leave. It is exasperating. I hope this idiot gets a boil on his arse.

  8. Eamonn Clancy

    She needs to check her privilege and do something about her self entitlement issues. Facebook, the first port of call for smug.

    1. Casey

      All she wanted was fair play. Now sit down, cos this next bit may cause you some shock —
      Expecting to be treated the same as other hoomans regardless of the lack of male features isn’t entitlement, is a normal rational expectation.

      Your entitlement is much more distinct. Check yourself.

      1. Topsy

        The women deserve more respect. Don’t they make the tea & hangsambos after the games; and wash the gear for the lads. If there’s any tickets left over for Sun then there should be a raffle for the mammies.

        1. Nice Anne

          Ah be jaysus and begorragh and to be shure altogether.

          There’s this yoke in Edinburagh every year. A huge comedy festival. Massive, it is. You might have heard of it, some of the best comedians appear there.

          Next year, YOU, yes, YOU should get tickets and learn something about comedy.

    2. Erin going braless

      You triggered hun? Do ya need a safe place to be getting away from all the notion-y wummen expecting to be ‘allowed’ to buy tickets?

  9. Liggy

    Oh we can all imagine what EC is on about but I would rather hear it from the source directly.

    Come on Eamon / Neil. Come and tell us what privilege is being demonstrated here.

    This is a safe space, chicken.

    1. Topsy

      Isn’t it a privilege to be allowed wash the lads gear after a match. What more could a woman want. Sure there’ll be loads of tickets available for the camogie final. Up ya girl ya.

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