10 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

    1. meghan

      Get a grip bookworm.
      Look at the size of me bangers ye feckin’ eejit.
      Daily Star… Are ye blind or what?

      People like you make me lose me faith in mankind..

      1. meghan

        I’m just an independent observer, casting my opinions as if they were facts.
        Same as everyone else.

        Even my tits are false.
        But my name is Meghan.

        Believe in the tits.

  1. meghan

    To expand my tits analogy, like what you do…

    This attitude that some of you seem to have, that some girls are bigger than others, and some girl’s Mothers are bigger than other girls’ Mothers…

    You just make yourselves too easy to ridicule.
    I’ve no complacency for your self-serving crap. I won’t stop pulling you up for it. You know who you are.

    All the girls are cool, especially the ones who haven’t got boyfriends already..*

    *Only messing… Fupp off.

    1. meghan

      But really seriously…
      You can NEVER love anyone unless you can look beyond their physical being.
      What we all want is spiritual.
      Fall in love first, then bang the effing hole off of them forever.

      Or keep on doing what you do.
      Sure isn’t it all just fuppin’ transient anyway?

      Who REALLY gives a fupp?
      We ALL masturbate. It’s the law.

      1. meghan

        Apologies in advance to any sheep out there.
        I forgot about you.

        The farmers will be awake by now. Try to not look sexy..

  2. Gabby

    The Anglo-Celt and the Leitrim Observer are omitted from your newspaper survey. What are youse trying to censor from our blushing gaze?

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