Meanwhile, In November


Pat Hickey

RTE reports:

A court in Brazil has set a date in November for former Olympic Council of Ireland president Pat Hickey’s trial.

The trial will commence on 29 November at 2pm, in Rio de Janeiro, almost a full year after Mr Hickey left Brazil.

He had been forced to remain in Brazil upon his release from prison, after his arrest during last year’s Olympic Games.

Mr Hickey was given permission to return to Ireland last Christmas, on medical grounds, and on payment of a bond of R$1.5million to the courts.

Prosecutor Marcos Kac said last week that if Mr Hickey did not return to Brazil for trial, that his bond would be retained locally.

Rio tickets trial to begin in November (RTE)


26 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In November

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Sheet just got Real (see what I did there?!?!?)!

    Which deluded sod is going to be down €400k?

  2. Mé Féin

    He will apply to delay the trial again for medical reasons. Then he’ll seek return of the bond, which somebody else paid, and keep it for himself after it’s been returned. Then he’ll stiff his lawyer out of his/her legal fees.
    Only joking of course.

  3. bad@jokes

    I haven’t got a clue what this is about, but I still think the comments are quite funny.
    – especially your one ciaran.

    Would you be interested in an apprenticeship?

    1. bad@jokes

      Lesson one, for free…
      Never fupp with the GAA.

      I have an hilarious video of a Galway fan from last Sunday.
      He’s me bosses mate so I can’t share it.
      I wouldn’t mind but he was sober. No, seriously.

      Never fupp with the GAA.

      1. bad@jokes

        I have the video…
        It involves a 2016 reg Mercedes.
        – That’s everything I can reveal for now.


        Meet me at the weekend, Sunday 10th Sept in the Ballykeefe Ampitheatre and I will blow your knickers off, in a totally unrelated way.

        – FFS, you can buy tickets and NOT turn up. Nobody will notice…

        I’m getting angry now.
        I know where you live.

        Seriously though, I DO know where you live.

        1. bad@jokes


          I was going to change me name
          I envied the freedom of the faceless doodly-doodlers who do it all the time.Their superiority complex is to be admired…

          Then I thought…
          …only ‘people’ who are terrified of repercussions do do that.

          I would never do that.
          I’m much better than that.

          You’ll find less pointy things on a very big cactus.

          1. bad@jokes

            You can’t even say ‘pointy’ things on this site, eh?

            My conscience is ‘pointy things’-ed.

  4. bad@jokes

    Seriously though…
    …if I was in the employ of a political party I’d think it was ‘clever’ to call myself ‘Jocky’.
    I’d wake up every day hating myself, but I’d still think that it was clever / funny… etc.

    I’m not stupid enough to affiliate myself with ANY political party.
    That would be stupid.
    That would be succumbing.
    That would be being a sucker.

    I’m going to stop now, before I get too intellectual.

    Stay safe.

    1. bad@jokes

      Ever time I hear this song I get hiccups.
      In de name ov de fatha

      (I don’t get hiccups.
      I pray to Jesus. Get off my donkey, Mary. Joseph, three ‘wise’ men with the worst presents ever, and the angel GAYbriel.. You aren’t fooling anyone.

      Yiz haven’t got a clue, have yiz?
      – Yiz are just a joke at this stage..

          1. bad@jokes

            …nobody knows what they’re talking about…

            I don’t too.
            I can admit it, and that’s the difference between us.

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