Inside a Ryanair plane

Colin Gleeson, in The Irish Times, reports:

Ryanair has axed its second free bag policy and reduced checked bag fees in a move the airline says will cost it €50 million a year.

As part of its “always getting better” programme, Ryanair had allowed passengers to carry one normal cabin bag as well as one additional small bag such as a handbag, laptop case or shopping bag on board for free.

However, the airline has been threatening to axe the scheme after abuse by passengers led to delays.

In a statement on Wednesday, the airline said “too many” customers were availing of the scheme, and that there was not enough overhead cabin space for the volume of carry-on bags, which was in turn “causing boarding/flight delays”.

Only one small bag to be permitted on Ryanair flights (Colin Gleeson, The Irish Times)

Pic: Tripsta

34 thoughts on “Carry On

  1. Deli

    Its a shame you didn’t report the story correctly. Its actually good for comsumers.
    To encourage more customers to check-in some bags and reduce the volume of carry-on bags, Ryanair will introduce the following bag policy changes on all flights from 1st November next:
    · The check-in bag allowance will increase from 15kg to 20kg for all bags
    · The standard check-in bag fee will be cut from €/£35 to €/£25 for this 20kg bag
    · Only Priority Boarding customers (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) will be allowed to bring two
    carry-on bags on the aircraft*
    · All other (i.e. non-priority) customers will only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board t
    he aircraft, while their second (bigger) wheelie bag must be placed in the hold (free of charge) at the
    boarding gate.

      1. Deli

        They are decreasing prices for checked on baggage so its cheaper if you check in a bag. And if you don’t pay for priority boarding you can still bring the second bag to the gate but check it into the hold for free and collect is when you get your destination.

        Maybe you don’t get to fly too much sorry for having to explain it better.

    1. The Ghost of Starina

      funny how this crap isn’t an issue for any other airline except RyanAir. “customer abuse” my bottom.

  2. Rob_G

    The second, small bag thing only came in a year or two ago so I am not likely to really miss it. I guess it’s a pity, but still not going to make me fly Aer Lingus or anything.

  3. Bruncvik

    No complaints here. I was always only having a backpack on the plane, and they forced me to have it under the seat as the “small bag”. Now, that wheelies are out of the cabin, I’ll be able to put the backpack into the overhead bin.

  4. Boomskidaboom

    Gonna have the 2 year old filling her Peppa Pig wheelie case up to the hilt when we’re flying next. The other 2 childer will be doing the same with their bags as well.

  5. Kid Alatriste Jensen

    Whenever I fly, Im shocked by the size of carry on baggage. Some people are really taking the piss. I have sleep apnea so have my cpap machine with me and a small backpack.

  6. Diddy

    Ryanair relaxed their second bag rule to allow a passenger to take their wheely bag and a laptop bag/ women’s handbag on without any hassle.

    What then happened was people took their wheely case on AND a stuffed backpack as the 2nd piece of hand luggage thereby overloading the cabin ..

    Ryanair needed to change things

  7. ahjayzis

    Not a bad change. I always go to the back of the line for boarding hoping it’s too many bags and they’ll put mine in the hold for me for free. It’s such a faff trying to find a place to stow it anywhere near your seat.

        1. postmanpat

          Doley, the clue is in the name. In America they call them NEETs. It’s people who make a lifestyle of staying on social welfare indefinitely. Wouldn’t work in a fit but are good at paperwork and gaming the system. Have all their holidays booked years in advance on the cheep or avail of last minute deals because its not like they have to give the boss notice or worry about being employed in the same job next year like most of the rest of us. We all know at least one. You know, the 30 something baby of the family who lives free with the auld pair while their elder siblings moved out decades previous and made something of themselves. They usually claim carers allowance to mind the old folks and when they die they inherit a free gaff that the ma who had it paid off years ago. Fuel allowance for the heating. PS4, new clothes, out twice a week on the gargle. These types , especially the ones from more affluent areas are on easy street. They have partners and if their partners are also the baby from their family then its cha-ching!

  8. Mickyd

    so I can still bring my less than 10kg wheelie bag to the gate and they will load it for free or force me to check in any pay ?

  9. Gorev Mahagut

    The new rule is: if you can stuff it into your trousers and walk on board with your hands empty, fair play. If you’re not wearing trousers you can’t board. If the suitcase is big enough for you to fit in, pay €35 and it goes in the hold. With you inside. Anything in between: you go in a seat, the bag goes in a hold, the bag pays €35. If the bag has no money you have to carry it, but if you’re too small to fit in a seat you have to sit on a bag and the seat pays €35. The pilot has a bag, the cabin crew have trolleys, if you have a trolley you have to find €35 and then it’s too big, put the trolley in an overhead bin and you go in the hold. If there’s no room in the overhead bin, sit in the trolley. If there’s no hold, it’s not a real plane.

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