Fake Breath Tests In Your Area


Tables from the garda internal investigation into fake breath tests [click to enlarge]

Yesterday evening.

An Garda Siochana published their internal investigations into the fake breath test figures and the 14,700 wrongful convictions for motoring offences.

They can be read here and here.

The inquiry into the fake breath tests discovered there was more than 1.4million fake breath tests recorded between 2009 and 2016.

Meanwhile, the Policing Authority has hired financial auditors Crowe Horwath to conduct its own independent investigation into the matters and that’s expected to be completed by September 25.

It’s been reported that Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan is due to appear before the Policing Authority three days later on September 28.


Conor Lally, in The Irish Times, reports:

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan released a statement yesterday about the Garda’s reports into inflated breath tests and the fixed-charge notice system. He said he was disturbed by the findings and expected the reports to be published later in the day.

But Garda Headquarters never had any intention of publishing the reports any time soon. It wanted to wait until consultants hired by the Policing Authority to examine the same issues had completed their work.

But the Garda has now been forced to go public with the reports because Mr Flanagan, in public, told Ms O’Sullivan she had to publish yesterday.

And if the Policing Authority’s consultants find anything nasty that the Garda reports overlook, it could be the end of the road for Ms O’Sullivan.

Winter is coming for Garda Commissioner (Conor Lally, The Irish Times)

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4 thoughts on “Fake Breath Tests In Your Area

  1. dav

    Just remember the above the next time you approach a garda checkpoint.
    You have NO assurance that what happens to you at that checkpoint and the results same will be accurately reported.
    You could end up falsely accused/convicted/imprisoned because their is no control over the actions of the gardai conducting that checkpoint.

      1. The redundant Mickey Twopints

        Are you still on duty? Thought you were long retired with your lovely lovely pension.

    1. Harry Molloy

      they would also need a doctor to lie on oath for a drink driving conviction dav. it’s best keep everything above board.

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