26 thoughts on “The September Issue

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    I feel I ought to wade in here with my PVC black bellbottoms and virulent yellow bellytop…

  2. happybirthday@memes

    If I ever find out that any of you (not including rotide) wore legwarmers in the 80’s I’ll…
    No, hang on…

    If I ever find out that any of you (not including rotide) had one of them Bay City Rollers tartan scarves…
    No, hang on…

    If I ever find out that any of you dressed like rotide, or had a ‘haircut’ like rotide, or bought a single* by someone called Shakey, Alvin or Tina, I swear….

    *Look it up.

    1. happybirthday@memes

      If you’re going to slag someone, slag that snowflake idiot, or bookworm…
      rotide is cool.

      No. seriously…
      …come back…

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Aren’t there 2 or 3 now with snowflake in their names? I don’t care enough to remember which one is the boopy boo.

    2. Frilly Keane

      Cross your heart n’ say I love you
      Cross your heart and hope t’die

      That’s meself n’Fluffy’s party piece
      How well ya knew Batty

      Btw Fluffy Birthday Fluff

        1. happybirthday@memes

          It was only after I hit the ‘Post Comment’ button that I realised that half the readers wont know what I’m talking about.

          I suddenly feel really old and stuff.

          Who cares?

        1. Gabby

          I pick up free issues of Alive, read them avidly, and then roll cigarettes with the pages. I tried rolling a cigar once, but since that disappointing experiment, I buy the occasional Havana at Fox’s.

  3. Johnny blog

    You can’t read Village in Spar. You couldn’t even read the lead article in Spar. It’s too intense. If your intention span is small try Phoenix. If you can’t read stick to trolling

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