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      1. Frilly Keane

        WTF is your game

        Why would you even give a rhymes with sit anyway, all you have to eff’off if you don’t like it – change to another channel

        Unless you’re trolling on behalf of another site
        In which case


    1. Jesus Wept

      In your opinion Daisy Chainsaw.What are your criteria for banning ‘The Sun’.Name a newspaper that has always been beyond disrepute? I understand you believe it’s toilet paper;but most newspapers are can be found along the spectrum between white and brown.

    2. Zuppy International

      Good ol Dairy….

      When she’s not promoting baby murdering agendas she’s cleaning up the internet by insisting on the removal of all opinions/facts/attitudes she disagrees with.

      Such a lovely warm heart.

  1. newsjustin

    “I’m retiring because I have to spend so much time explaining how the organisation I run is so disastrously dysfunctional and crap.”

  2. Catherinecostelloe

    No rats nailed to your door Noirin. No false files floating about on your husband calling him a kiddie fiddler. Your boys are safe and sound . No one suggested you acted out of malice.
    So good riddance.

    1. Shayna

      @Clampers Outside Thank you. I’m aware that I do drink more than others, but I’m monitored with blood tests, they tell no lies. It appears I’m fine, at the moment. I don’t do drugs, occasionally the odd spliff, if offered, Ketamin twice in India (when I was finding myself), cocaine, again, only if offered. So pretty much drug-free, I would have thought.
      I persist with wine, however – it appears it’s good for the heart, but the liver may have its complaints.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Rehab 101:
    An addict will use any excuse to break out and use again.

    Mr Meyers needs proper help…. funerals, miscarriages, car crashes, lost job or whatever are only excuses to go back using. It’s one of the first things one learns in rehab, avoiding relapse.

    Addiction recovery through rehab centres, the good ones (I recommend Hope House in Mayo or Rutland in Dublin), have a 35-40% success rate.

    Take the kid gloves off Mr Meyers, and give yourself a good slap!

    And get back on that wagon!

    Wishing you well, stop giving yourself excuses.

    1. EightersGonnaEight


      The first step is acceptance. And one of the founding traditions of a 12 step program is anonymity.

      Addicts and alcoholics’ stories relate only in general ways (go read the literature) as to what it is like. Paths to recovery are unique.

      It’s not about the dhrink. Leave him alone. When he reaches out that’s when help is needed. Not unasked for advice.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Hey there Eigther, maybe you should read what I have written.

        I said “one of the first”, when in rehab.

        He wouldn’t be in rehab, if he hadn’t reached ‘acceptance’.

        Thanks for your input, it was close, but not correct on reading what was written.

        The rest is fairly accurate but bangs of snide and arrogance.

        Have a nice day lad

        1. Shayna

          Hi Clampers Outside – I was encouraged by my partner 20 years ago to phone AA. They asked me 7 questions. To answer one, positively means a problem. All 7, in my case were positive. 20 years later, partnerless, but still drinking, liver still okay/borderline. I know about the steps, I understand when some-one makes slight of the process.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Good to hear you are well Shayna, From what I remember of those questions, anyone who drinks more than three pints in one sitting / session is a binge drinker. The rules are pretty tight and half the country would be classes as ‘problem’ drinkers by the WHO standard. I don’t agree with the rules completely myself, they are fairly arbitrary, not too dissimilar to the ‘5 a day’ fruit and veg idea, a decision by committee, knowing that fruit and veg daily is good. The how much is arbitrary.
            One thing Eighters got right, is that everyone going through treatment, or may or may not need treatment, is different, and so are the tolerances of drinkers.

            Mr Meyers has a history. He has asked for help in the past. And he has been to rehab, and relapsed before. I don’t know your own situation well, so I wouldn’t comment on that. You appear fine on here anyway, my best!
            I hope you don’t think it was I making light of the process. It’s certainly not something I would call easy.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Here more than 14 points a week and you are an alcoholic.
            That’s pretty much everyone I know in Ireland.

  4. EightersGonnaEight

    O’Sullivan has a ready-made face for a part in Fair City. Watch this space. Deegan will have to go on gender balance grounds.

  5. Brain warp

    Same old nonsense here all the time I see

    Bash a successful woman – check
    Bash a long serving public sector worker -check
    Bash someone who works hard and smart enough to earn a decent pension – check

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Where are the phones? A Garda losing one phone, fine. A Garda commissioner bnot jknowing where a number of phones went, is not fine, it’s incompetence. Where are the rest of them? Either the commissioner is incompetent or they are not. It would appear the former, if they are to be believed that they do not know.

      1. Brain warp

        You seriously need to get examined if you think a Garda commissioner personally manages mobile phones and their inventory

          1. Brain warp

            Do you know where all the phones you’ve ever owned currently are? I don’t and I’m not even the police commissioner

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