21 thoughts on “Back Shortly

      1. me and your granny on bongos

        A fall you say. No, not me – never. Not that I can remember. Touch ice though as they say. Could be wrong – I’ve forgotten more than most here have ever known.

      2. me and your granny on bongos

        I’m not your granny. Not anyone’s granny. I’m your granny on bongos. Read what it says. Different kettle of minge altogether.

    1. me and your granny on bongos

      You need to figure out first out who you’re talking to. Then fist them. Who’s beside you?

  1. badatmemes

    Scooter, I remember you from when Europe thought they YOU had à grip on Techno.
    With your bleached hair and pink& perky take on music you set the western world back by two decades. Fair dues.
    You three did more damage than Boyzone and Westlife combined.

    You should do a cover version of ‘One Day At A Time’ by Gloria. You’d be good at that…
    …or am I mixing you up with someone else?

  2. badatmemes

    Sorry scottser.
    I was only messin’.

    If you are REALLY a Scottish-lander in real life, beware. .. I am coming to Glasgae m’sel, in the bae bract noo.
    I have two different sofas I can sleep on, wifey’s permission an’ aw. Diven’t a botha.

    Jus’ diven’t get oot o’ bed on a Frightday an’ yel’ be sef.

    This Mungo’s Hi-Fi…
    Are they good fighters?… Will I have to pay in?

  3. H

    Great test card and the music brought back memories of long winter afternoons sitting by the fire willing the programmes to start (((shudder)))

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