Does Whatever A False Black Widow Spider Does



Victor Karu writes:

I got bitten by a false black widow on Friday.. I have been stung by wasps and by bees many times before (+ by other flying and crawling insects) but this time the reaction was quite different + the pain itself was stronger + it lasted much longer and that why I decided to look on the internet what it could be.

My arm is 10 times better now compared to  but still it is not really well. I read that some people get some serious problems that develop even a week later (up to an amputation) after those bites. Is that true?


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9 thoughts on “Does Whatever A False Black Widow Spider Does

  1. ahjayzis

    How did it happen, did you brush off it or whatever?

    You need to tell me it didn’t purposefully attack you so I can sleep at night.

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