10 thoughts on “Time And Change

    1. Cian

      Is showing the inherent unfairness of the white male privilege.
      In panel one the woman isn’t given any money. Because she is a woman.
      In panel two, the man is being given money by both. Because he is a man.

      1. garychristie

        Heya Cian, I’m genuinely grateful of anyone commenting on my stuff and I know you were also jesting but I couldn’t help but reply (with respect). The white male privilege thing is something I’m fascinated with the last while and I keep up with everyone from Milo Stewart to Milo Yiannopoulos but for this cartoon, none of that was on my mind in any way at all and the positioning of the characters and their gender has no significance. After that, I’d leave it to the viewer to interpret it their own way but from the guy who drew it, male and/or white privilege just wasn’t on my radar at all when I was drawing it. Thanks for the comment man.

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