17 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Wedduck

    More EU integration? How many referendums will that involve? And how many times will we have to take them if we vote the wrong way?

  2. Shayna

    One of the stable hounds’ name at the centre of cocaine abuse was a dog named Clare’s Rocket. Somehow the nomer is appropriate.

    1. Topsy

      A greyhound snorting cocaine. There was a report yesterday that pitbull had taken crack and then killed his owner.
      Soon they’ll​ have to drug test the dogs at Crufts.

      1. Shayna

        To be fair, Topsy, I don’t think the dogs were snorting snow, there may have been injections involved. Evolution, lack of opposable thumbs, would surely point the finger (pun intended) away from the animal itself and more towards its keeper(s).
        According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the U.S, cocaine can result in “faster reaction times and diminished effects of fatigue.” I doubt that the dogs were simply taking the odd gram of ‘posh’ recreationally.

        1. m50 rick

          As a regular cocaine user of 15 years (yes really), never in my life have I heard it been called “posh”. You’re reading too much tabloids.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I wasted about four hours on British history / mock history this week watching Charles III and Churchill. Dreadful, the two of them. I can’y understand the IMDB ratings and high reviews but suspect they are US-originated.

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