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      1. postmanpat

        At least they were original. George Lucas had a vision , he made a complete balls of half of it, but they had their moments and had a soul despite their many flaws. TFA was a crap remake of Star Wars ’77. The sfx and action sequences in the prequels were better too, and that was 15 years ago.

          1. postmanpat

            Honestly no. TFA wasn’t a movie , it was a soulless committee storied product to appeal to as many demographics as possible to make Disney billions of profit. It was watchable but not something I felt the urge to watch a second time. Adults should not condone it as viable Star Wars if they are true Star Wars fans. The saga ended with Return of the Jedi. Do you like Luke Skywalker? Because the little girls that watch these nu-Star Wars are going to hate him because he is old and weird. He is going to codger around, complain and be so off putting , so by the time he is killed off in a undignified way the kids wont mind. Old fans will be disgusted. I could go on all day. From the brown butt hole eyed Yoda analog to the new reveal that every species can now see every other planet in the star wars galaxy from the surface of every planet even in the daytime with the naked eye. JJ doesn’t care about Star Wars. He is just following his rule book for aping existing franchises.

          2. LW

            I think you might be confusing Disney with an indie studio. Their goal is to make maximum money, a goal largely achieved on TFA. I also think you might also be overestimating the market power of the original Star Wars fans versus the kids who’ll be driving all the merchandise sales.
            I dunno what you suggest about Skywalker, dip him in the fountain of youth?

          3. pedeyw

            There’s seems to be a genuine attempt to revise the prequels into some sort of golden age. I re-watched them recently and they’re hot garbage. Soulless, boring plodding, badly scripted, badly edited, horribly dated vfx. He made a complete balls of all of it. They’re objectively badly made films.

          4. edalicious

            They’re objectively badly made films that were made worse every time George Lucas got his grubby little hands on them. The acting throughout is terrible, even from actors that we know can act well.

  1. Burnt Cheese

    This is not good news. Abrams never creates anything beyond surface level drama and tension, while repeatedly having a poor 3rd act where everything goes to pot.

  2. joe blogs

    I agree with Postmanpat that Abrams ruined the Farce awakens and i am a big star wars fan. i do not agree that the prequels were in any way decent, they were a bag of poo. Rogue one on the other hand was thoroughly enjoyable.Abrams is a one trick pony and he has ruined Star wars for me on this side of the originals.

    1. pedeyw

      I enjoyed it despite its (glaring) flaws. I am also very relieved that whats his face got fired. Jurassic World is not good. I managed to watch 45 mins of twee indie pastiche Safety Not Guaranteed before turning it off. So to be honest, even if episode 9 isn’t great, I’m pretty sure it will still be better without him.

  3. A snowflake's chance in hell

    Luckily for Abrams, kids who love these films nowadays don’t give a crap about the opinions of the likes of pat above who should just , perhaps, finally, accept that adulthood is inevitable for us all and deal with it.

      1. A snowflake's chance in hell

        No but what we found tasteworthy is totally different to what today’s 9 year old appreciates

        1. pedeyw

          I’m sort of with you, in the sense that these movies are not made specifically for adult fans, nor should they be. There’s a sense of entitlement and gate keeping exclusionism in the geekier end of fandom.

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