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Free May 1-4?

Lisa writes:

With May the 4th International Star Wars day fast approaching we thought you might be interested in hearing about how the May the 4th be with you Festival is moving online this year in the hope of engaging a domestic and international audience and encouraging them to return to Skellig Coast next year when travel is opened back up.

May The 4th Be With You Festival

The 2016 original (in case you missed it) and recently released second instalment of Fabrice Mathieu’s Hitchcock/Lucas mashup – the Cary Grant star vehicle that should have been but – for spacial and temporal reasons – never was.

You’ll recall his excellent pisstake of moon landing denial conspiracies ‘Moon Shining’.


Another side-by-side size comparison by Alvaro Gracia Montoya: In this case, elements of the Star Wars universe from a lightsaber handle to the planet Yavin Prime (in whose orbit the original Death Star was destroyed). Sez he:

Only movies from episode I to VIII, Rogue One and Solo. Obviously not everything appears, only the most representative.

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