22 thoughts on “‘Trinity Has Negotiated A Special Rental Level Of €239 A Week’

    1. Al

      Went to trinity,worked three jobs to pay my rent because my mum had passed away and my dad couldn’t afford to help,nor would I have expected him to if he could. Nice generalisation.

    1. postmanpat

      Colleges like Trinity are for the heirs of the oligarchy or children of international gangsters. I want to college with a few culcies whos parents owned and rented out slums in Dublin. Their kids got to stay in one rent free, and manage the other accommodation for there folks back in the sticks. And as a bonus , scammed the system to claim THEY had to rent in Dublin so applied for grants which they got no questions asked because they where culcies up in Dublin, which they got as a lump cash sum every July , just in time to go on a work holiday abroad for 3 months every summer.

      1. Rob_G

        Colleges like Trinity are for the heirs of the oligarchy or children of international gangsters.

        – I see someone only got enough points for UCD…

  1. Hank

    €1,036 per month for an ensuite bedroom in a shared apartment where you’re sharing kitchen/living room with at least 4-6 others.

  2. MoyestWithExcitement

    Minimum wage is €9.25 an hour.
    That’s €323 a week if you work 35 hours a week which you’re not doing as a full time student.
    You’ll be working 12 to 20 weeks so €111 to €185 a week.
    That minimum wage is only for over 18 year olds who’ve worked at least 2 years.
    1st year of employment it’s €7.40 so that’s €90 to €150 a week.
    2nd year it’s €8.30 so €98 to €166 a week.
    €239 a week seems entirely reasonable for wealthy parents and their children because those are the only people who matter.

  3. TheQ47

    Conveniently located on the corner of Gardiner Street and Summerhill
    Not exactly the most salubrious area of Dublin, for such high prices.

  4. Paps

    Fully inclusive.
    College provided accommodation is never cheap.
    How else are students supposed to get accommodation without any references or proof of income?

    It seems like you have no clue as to how broken the rental market is at the moment. Or how much Trinity charge for rooms or dartry campus accommodation.. Hint, it ain’t much cheaper..

  5. MoyestWithExcitement

    “It seems like you have no clue as to how broken the rental market is at the moment.”

    I would say the people complaining about the price of this are well aware of how broken the rental market is.

  6. Zaccone

    €1,036 a month to live on the Northern end of O’Connell St? Yikes. Even with Dublin’s insane rental prices there are plenty of places in D2/D4/D6 you’d get for less than that.

  7. Shayna

    I’m still getting over the €3,150 p/m 1 bed in Ringsend. https://www.broadsheet.ie/?s=queue+the+tears
    I spent a couple of nights at The Binary Hub, Guinness Gate in July, it’s student accommodation – thankfully all the students had gone for the season. It was €65 per night for what was claimed to be a double room/en-suite. 2 nights okay, it was kinda like a Travel Lodge room, I’m pretty confident that staying any longer, would have required an increased dosage of Citalopram – I’m not sure what rate Trinity may have negotiated there for students, but, it does seem a lot.

  8. Bort

    I rent in an estate beside UCD. 2 bed house pm is 1500 but the same house in the estate was up on daft for 1800! There are also 3 beds and 4 beds. Houses for sale in this estate start at 500k. There are hundreds of students living in the estate, how in Christ are they paying the rent? I’ve 4 students next door, 3 cars between them. They all go home on Friday back on Sunday. Same on next house over. When I was in college in Limerick in 1999/2000 I lived in a house with 7 others paying 40 euro a week and we thought our land lord was cleaning up. Saw an ad on daft for a shared room in my estate 500 a month! Some students I know living around the corner paid rent during the summer when they wern’t even there so they wouldn’t lose the house.

    It is madness!

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