15 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Its sister “publication”, Breaking News, looks to have lost the interest of readers. There have been no comments on stories for days.

  1. SuperDJ@MEMES

    You can’t see Page 5 of the ‘Independant’.
    I can… It’s free in McDonalds.

    No messing, this is what it says
    ‘NAMA is to be redesigned as a semi-State developer and finance agency under the latest plans at tackling the housing crisis.
    The government is investigating how to ”repurpose”” the agency in a bid to help builders who are struggling to find new projects

    I swear to God.
    That’s exactly what it says.

  2. Increasing Displacement

    Europe can go fornicate themselves with a rusty fish hook.
    They want equal playing field for taxes we want an equal playing field on access to resources and accessibility of the market. So we want a tunnel built from ireland directly to paris and berlin so we can as easily transport goods. We’d also like access to your resources as if they were ours. Oil, coal, iron.


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