They’re back!


Earlier this week.

A new, highly insightful Twitter account by the name of Secret RTE Producer was deactivated (top).

But now they’re back (above).

And they’re ready to take your questions.

Secret RTE Producer

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11 thoughts on “They’re back!

  1. rotide


    A lot of what (s)he says is on the money, some of it is just digs at colleagues.

    Most of the stuff can also be levelled at the beeb, but they seem to be able to not get bogged down into union stagnation quite as badly as RTE.

    If the secret producer has been there for so long, they are either on a gig they really enjoy and have the freedom to do good stuff in it (and that’s doubtful because apart from ROT, I can’t think of a show that allows that) or they’re not very good and wouldn’t make it in the independent sector where most of the really good ex-rte people ended up.

  2. badatmemes

    Excuse me for caring a silly little tot, but are posts like this tailored towards the backwards, if you know who I mean?
    The rest of us are supposed to sail on by, ammirite?

    Hiya rodtide.
    Never thought I’d meet ýou here. snigger

  3. Brother Barnabas

    So yer man’s saying it’s crap to work in RTE – management are all willies and nobody gives a poo about their work? That just makes it the same as everywhere I’ve ever worked.

    (Until I started working for myself – now everyone’s a fupping rockstar. it’s just me)

    1. Yep

      I worked for RTE briefly in a former life and they all hated it. Where I work now though….They hate it more even more. Less security, gravitas and salary.

      Are you hiring? Sounds like you need a VP.

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