Broadsheet ‘Think-In’


Broadsheet will be up on blocks from 2pm this afternoon returning later this evening.

The annual Broadsheet ‘think-in’ is taking place at an undisclosed location.

We are looking at ways to improve the site and the telly show.

If you have any suggestions please leave them below.

A €25 Golden Discs voucher to the most ‘helpful’.

Thank you.


Test card by Alan O’Regan

287 thoughts on “Broadsheet ‘Think-In’

  1. Harry Molloy

    Question and Answer sessions with various people and posters.

    and a section where everyone sends in a photo of their turd, most handsome one with a jar of nutella.

    and get viper Higgins on, he’s not with RT anymore

    1. David

      >>and a section where everyone sends in a photo of their turd, most handsome one with a jar of nutella

      Sounds a bit like the comments section already.

  2. mildred st. meadowlark

    A book review/recommendation thing.

    Also, a foodie corner.

    And an agony aunt/uncle type thing.

    I think I broadsheet twist on these would be great.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Oh thanks BB. I’d very much enjoy it myself actually.

        And know my advice would be slaughtered in the comments section. I think that would be my favourite part.

        1. realPolithicks

          You would be excellent in that role Milly, but I’m going to nominate George Hook as I think BS is looking to drum up some publicity and he clearly has the “sensitivity’ required.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            How about ‘Andyourpointiswhatexactly being George Hook’ – and issuing advice with a “What would George think?” angle.

            This is perhaps something we should all incorporate into our lives to some degree.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Sure we’re both from Cork. How hard could it be? He’s tall (surprisingly so) and so am I. No further qualifications needed.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        You’re a tremendously articulate individual – and you’re not afraid of having an unpopular opinion on something. I reckon you’d do a great job, actually.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            No, no. In his absence I’ve degenerated into a shameless hussy.

            I’m nothing without him really.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Like you can talk, you shameless flirt.

            Of course, this is likely why I’ve a shocking girl-crush on you.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        To be more moyest, maybe? UNPOSSIBLE, you say. True, sez I.
        But that’s another issue. Tissue.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Stop publishing The Sun.

    Like Mildred said, a ‘Goodreads’ Broadsheet style.

    A BS version of Pub-Spy!

    A general acceptance that a few scoops in Temple Bar will empty your wallet.

    1. Rugbyfan

      +1 on temple bar.
      Directed a few US tourists away from there to experience better pubs in the past week.

  4. Jonsmoke

    How about a filter option that would allow readers to ‘hide’ items of a certain category. For example, say I never look at the Daily Paper posts. Let me just them so they never appear for me.

  5. Brother Barnabas

    Long articles that feature a ‘read more’ option at the end still don’t work on Android app

    1. Pete

      Nah. Keep it scruffy and wtf and 9 to 5. If we want wall to wall newswad there’s other boring sites for that. Don’t dilute. Keep ‘er lit

  6. Penfold

    A Categories section for trawling through the posts. something more consistent and specific than the tags
    Keep the current main page with all posts, at the side, links for accessing grouped categorized posts.

  7. Baffled

    If you’re going to persist with having columnists writing about the economy, could you please get in people who can properly analyse and interpret data. Too many clangers from enthusiastic amateurs which detracts from the overall enjoyment of the website.

    1. Twunt

      Dr Mercile and co tend to come from a particular school of thought. This place can be an echo chamber of certain points of view. Play devils advocate every once in a while.

  8. Dudley

    One image per story on the main index page. When the daily news papers post goes up with all the paper screenshots, site performance drags to a halt for me.

    Ban for life anyone who writes ‘vinyls’.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I’d edit YOU for saying “THIS”.
        Grr. Pet hate.
        Now go and have a lovely weekend, Mildred m’dear.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Now that we have that out of the way, I’ll be kind enough not to do it again IF you can agree that ‘unputdownable’ is an absolute abomination of a word.

          (You have a lovely weekend too – I’ll see you at the secret wine bar for the Ladies Brouhaha next week though yes?)

    1. Ironballs McGinty

      Dolby? Look at Richie Rich here! How’s about a more frugal AGFA 90+6? Just when you thought it felt like one of my mixtapes went on forever, now it goes on forever +6.

      1. martco

        noooo brown and black plastic sh–e!

        TDK Metal tapes is what you want for reasons you cannot understand nor be effectively useful on your sellotaped Lloydtron “walkman”

  9. Cian

    Get rid of the “Cave of three bridges” being almost *always* one of the ‘popular posts’ (unless this is true and lots and lots of people keep visiting that page..).

    1. rotide

      It’s been there since it first got posted. Last time i mentioned it a few people were like ‘OH STOP MOANING ROTIDE, PEOPLE MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN CAVES Y’KNOW?’. It’s clearly a tech problem .

      1. Pete

        I assumed it was a tech problem too but when you Google ‘cave of three bridges’ which is the name of the place in Lebanon, the original BS post is on the front page. Constant traffic guaranteed

    2. LW

      Every so often I forget what it is, and click on it, although hardly often enough to keep it at the top. It is cool though

  10. rotide

    Please please please sort your tech before you go with more content.

    1. Edit function. It’s 2017 for gods sake, how is this not a thing yet.
    2. Click for more. It’s 2017 for gods sake, how is this not a thing yet.
    3. Allow people to ignore users. I’d imagine I’d make a lot of ignore lists, but IDGAF. It would be nice to read comments without the white noise of memes and the blatant trolling of others.
    4. A modern working search function. It would be nice if this extended to comments but I don’t believe in miracles.
    5. I haven’t watched BOTT in ages but I assume it’s still as bandy looking and sounding as ever, thats a whole other stack of suggestions. Again.
    6. I doubt there’s the money or the time but consider getting an editor or do it yourself. The novella posts could really do with a synopsis or intro and some of the submissions are all over the place.

    1. Tony

      7. Holographic posts where you can browse the site like Tom Cruise doing that thing with the hand gestures in Minority Report.

      8. An AI comment edit function that fixes all spelling mistakes, grammar and rewords the comment making it clever and funny

      9. Fulfil all our needs in every way.

      10. Preempt anything we haven’t already asked for and just do it exactly the way we would want it or whatever

      1. rotide

        Are you equating an edit function and a simply coded click for more link with some sort of next level technology?

  11. dylad

    1. Stop posting Daily Mail front page
    2. Scroll from left to right instead of up-down
    3. More Poetry, may be a poetry corner. Not haiku
    4. Merch
    5. Reader’s wives

        1. Cian

          wait – this isn’t in the correct format.
          Readers Wives the fupp?
          Merch? ha as if ye’d stump up
          Ara away ou’ da

  12. James M.Chimney

    More bad PR photos – I miss them
    Rooftop Disco Hour streamed live every Friday from the top of Clerys presented by me in hotpants and a silver stetson.

  13. petey

    i forget, from one day to the next, the articles under which i make my mordant, useful contributions. could there be added a way for a user to track his or her own posts?

  14. David

    No more limericks. No more ‘leather jacket guy’. No more of those stupid charts/graphs (I’m looking at you Niall Murphy).

      1. Liam Deliverance

        Like the cartoons and limericks, also the Vimeo videos. Can’t say I like LJG as such but do watch them from time to time. Sometimes amusing, sometimes not. His buddy Johnny Bullpoo or is it Broadsheet, never funny.

    1. DavidT

      Uprooting/downvoting? I’d downvote LJG in an instant but others might be into her.

      More ‘I know you don’t normally do this but…”

  15. Brother Barnabas

    Perhaps a weekly section in which someone submits a photo of their genitalia and we all have to guess who it is.

    A bit like pin the tail on the donkey but for adults. That could be called Friday Fun.

  16. edalicious

    I was going to suggest no more leather jacket guy but I haven’t seen him in a while. Have you finally paid off what ever debt you owed him / stolen back whatever incriminating material he had on you / rescued whoever he had locked up in his leathery basement?

  17. Joxer

    1) Get rid of LJG
    2) Books section is good
    3) More music, Irish or otherwise
    4) Edit function on comments
    5) proper search
    6) more investigative stuff
    7) revamp the format of BS telly … make it more of a round table dialogue (agree with Johns room/mic comment above as well!!)

  18. DavidT

    Find some way of including all counties, maybe by featuring one each week. Possibly you’d have to recruit a reader in each county to do this.

    1. Shayna

      +1 I don’t know if any readers realise I’m from Tyrone? It is a tad Dublin-centric, but that’s to be expected, Dublin is the capital, after all, where most of the “action” is. To be fair, there was a mention of Sligo today, funny-shaped root veg.

  19. Liam Deliverance

    I like the Front Pages Newspapers but it does tend to make my Laptoparooney almost grind to a halt when trying to load, maybe smaller size images or something. Also when you click a newspaper for a closer look it is not always readable/zoomable. To be fair the grinding to a halt only happens on my laptop, W10 with 4gb ram, maybe a comp to win 8gb of ram! Other than that, no complaints really.

    1. Boj

      That laptop should be well able to load a few (even large) pics. Sounds like you need to do some ‘housekeeping’.

  20. realPolithicks

    I think you should try to go “full time” the current format of what is essentially 9-5, M-F is a little out of whack with todays media world. I think you incorporated some of the other commenter’s ideas you could certainly increase the amount of content you would have.

  21. Boj

    How about a daily/weekly Irish/World History section? Something like this day in 1958 sort of thing? It would be interesting and educational as well as being fact.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        I hear you. It’s endless, isn’t it? Who’s yer man that…. *cue 25 minutes of Wikipedia searching*

  22. Tony Groves

    I want my own section. Filled with purple fruit pastilles. And lots of IPA’s with stupid names.
    And I want the ability to smite people who don’t like my articles.
    And I want music when you click on my name, something edgy.
    And I want my own range of neckties.
    Thank you

    1. David

      You deserve them all and more, you lovely thing.

      (I haven’t seen anyone smoted for a while, I look forward to it.)

    2. Boj

      Ha, ya sound like that spoiled brat from willy wonka (original) … maybe that could be your music?
      I want it nooooooooow…..

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Fine. My curiosity is piqued. What are they?

        If they aren’t some sort of baked good, I warn you, I’m going to be seriously disappointed.

        1. Lush

          Beer Mildred.
          India Pale Ale.
          De rigueur at the moment; artisan brewers falling over themselves making the stuff and very competitive with their label designs and names.

  23. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Poster of the Day Award. To be won by someone charming and erudite.
    Like wot I am, you stupid mummyfuppers.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Oh: was that answer to upvotes? I’m on my phone and it’s hard to tell.

            Fix that!!!

  24. jusayinlike

    I come to broadsheet for the content not the bells and whistles, fair balls for all the leg work bs staff keep it coming..

  25. Harry Molloy

    We need more Terry McMahon. At least weekly.

    I saw him on the mobile no O’Connell bridge the last day. Smouldering he was, his very masculinity stripping the commuters of their headphone induced comfort blankets.

  26. Frilly Keane

    Ah here lads
    I was expecting the usual
    sack Frilly
    dump LJG
    And bring back Taft, Mercaille & Hearne;
    the Academicans

    I think the place is grand as it is. I’m not complaining, but since you asked for some ideas to improve, I’m happy to oblige

    Repeating myself again, but I’d still love an edit button

    and lately, and this is most likely just me, but I think the integrity and premise of some posts and threads are at risk with the modding in of poopy ploppy and botty tottie etc for the flibby and poopy and bits and boopies
    It is entirely a Broadsheet jurisdiction on the type of language they will host. But if I’m to be modded in the style of Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton I think I’d prefer to be deleted entirely. Again this is just me.

    A Competition for every weekday; like a Coffee Morning Monday, Tuesday Treats, Midweek Movie voucher, Thursday Takeaway

    I also think a Press Release/ Statement of the Day, and let us all see it. Obviously I mean the most craven saddest wtf ones ye get in

    I’m not sure about the Agony Aunt, Sex Therapist column meself; but I do think an open Dear John slot say Monday afternoons; and we can all put our spoke into Brudder Barnas love life

    I know this is a resource guzzler but I think the place would hover up over any other social hub in the market if it researched and published more unsolved Murders

    Annual Awards lads, best photo of veg that look like …. 2017 ye know the winner. Best Limerick 2017, Best Parking; Poster etc

    Finally, I think BS does enough for start ups and Irish made stuff as it is. I would prefer to see more from Irish Theaters, Play Writes and Productions. Like would it kill the Gate to throw in a few tickets ffs or get dibs on a few pre-screenings.

    As for the Telly; I don’t think that’s up to us here on the Board, that should be between those that put themselves onto it as panelists. We are only viewers under pseudonyms. Having said that, I would really struggle to support and watch through a show that sufferers of depression and other mental health issues are the contributors and the content. I’m sorry. I know its important and it is important to many of you. Which is why I wouldn’t dream of entering that Chat Pit

    1. Brother Barnabas

      You’re dead right, Frilz.

      We’re all full of the improvements we’d like to see. Important to acknowledge though that, as it is, warts and all, Broadsheet is an extraordinary thing – to my mind, best Irish site by far. Everything can be improved upon, of course. But as it is it’s streets ahead of anything else.

      1. Harry Molloy

        I’d probably disagree with most people, and the broadsheet staff, on a lot of political stuff and how to run a country but I am drawn to this place. and I like you all despite the fact you just refuse to come around to my way (i.e. the correct way) of thinking.

        keep up the good work. and up Mayo.

        1. martco


          I often wondered what would transpire if said disagreeing parties off here were to find themselves locked in a pub together somewhere chewing out the issues

          there’d have to be moderators of course

          but also some surprising realisations misconceptions and nice moments

          I guarantee some off here know each other without realising it in real life…maybe work in the same building…there’s something in that can’t put my finger on it but it’s positive (sorry I’ve had a beer)

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            I’ll seriously second that. Picture this:

            The Broadsheet Christmas Do. It’d be unadulterated madness.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Nah. Waiting for the pup to fall asleep. Got me beers chilling. I’ll mill into them when she crashes out. I’m home alone so plan on watching some horrendously bad telly.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Swear ta God. Got a joke about the match (game?) by mail and had to ask what it meant. M’learned colleagues were horrified. Not surprised though. They know me & my notions well.

        2. Shayna

          According to WWN Sports Desk, Mayo will be starting Seamie O’Shea at Referee on Sunday. All the best Mayo.

    2. bisted

      …as always Frillser I agree with most of what you say…but an Agony Aunt/Sex Therapist/Whateveryerhavinyerself…Emma Doran…CV wrote itself…

  27. Paul

    While scrolling through YouTube only have it listed as episode 36 and so forth, could you add description summary somewhere so people know immediately what it’s about, thanks, while their flicking through the videos.

    1. Lush

      I was only thinking about LCD yesterday, wondering where they had disappeared to.
      they were super, informative posts.

    2. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Agreed LCD was brilliant, sorely missed.
      On a similar note, and obviously I know why he left and I’m loathe to drag all of that up again, but Mick Flavin’s cartoons were superb bitd.

    1. scottser

      That. That nonsense has to go. Swearing is good and healthy and you really show your Catholic middle class nazi face when you change a swear word to a rebuke you’d give an infant.

      1. bad@memes

        I can’t believe you deem that a priority.
        It’s actually funny and keeps the tone at a palatable pace.

        How long do you think Broadsheet would survive under your proposal?
        There’s nonsense, and then there’s NONSENSE.

  28. martco

    this site…apart from the odd tech glitch I’d broadly leave it be, for me part of its charm is in its simplicity….maybe something to improve speed and stability on likes of an iPhone (I’m on a 5s up to date iOS but sometimes I have to restart the app to get the comments to line up properly) twas the same on my 4s

    agree with everyone on LCD
    for me it’s standout to have proper serious expert opinion that cuts thru us and our amateur barstool guesswork…I don’t want the barstool guesswork to stop now (that’d lead to something else entirely) but just like a lemon drizzle cake needs a deliberate indisputable intervention of real freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest to stand up in the noise of the rest of the ingredients we need people like LCD to deliver matter of facts
    now I’m wondering if using that model if it might be possible to tempt other serious subjectmatter experts on now and again anonymously to write a formal opinion on the given topic? like I know by reading the posts that there are one or two expert dayjob operators out there commenting on maybe likes of a Fight! topic about say the Insurance industry or banking or whatever but it’s in amongst the noise and banter and he said she said.

    and seconded maybe something on food and drink of a Friday

  29. martco

    Oh one other one, seconding something Frilly picked up on


    I only occasionally use the boo-boo word. But I only use it when it’s called for in terms of power/weight/emotive value. when youse go and dress it up in a pink tutu with sparkles you destroy any value it had and I end up feeling that I may as well not have bothered writing atall which I think is counterproductive.

    for those times when I’m grrrr and I forget to moderate it myself why not just use dashes or special chars e.g. d-nky-w-nky but for christssake stopit with the boo boo tinkle-panties please

    pretty please ;)

      1. martco

        a vagazzawhatchamicallit? no that’s just them having a tickle of me

        but jasus Frilly I’m learning new things now at least

        predicting a score draw tomorrow

        1. Frilly Keane

          Is it a’codding us ya are
          You know exactly Vagazzawhat

          Although I’m a strictly Californian girl meself

          1. Frilly Keane

            I was serious
            There with Marto


            Sum’ting else
            IMO anyway
            It’ll be a high scoring game
            Not hurling high scoring like
            But for Football
            It’ll be a high scoring

            None a’ yere nordie defence carry-on tomorrow
            Both sides will be running at the other like a Dothraki wedding feast

  30. bad@memes

    Good news everyone who called for anyone else to be muzzled…
    I discovered how to ignore any commentors that you don’t like…
    Let me list the ways….

    1. Look at their name. Skip the comment if it’s on your list.
    2. Use that wheel on your mouse.
    3. Use the scroll bar on the right of your screen.
    4. Get your Mammy to help you.
    5. Go away.

    Any one of them should sort you out.
    (The last one is just for rotide. He likes special attention.)

    Hope I win that €25 voucher so I can give it to Frilly… fnarr fnarr, f’nuk, f’nuk etc. !!!!!

  31. Guy Bague

    Top three requests.

    1. A Technology section – a more-than-product placement/I was in San Francisco/I have an iPhone/I was a writer for a startup job as done in the Irish Times, Sunday Business Post, Indo, etc. etc. Irreverent but factual where possible- e.g., “yes, it’s iPhone 4 bad, as good a bet as”, etc.

    2. Weekly business tips by Jay Bourke.

    3. MSM Spoilers. Predict the following day’s Irish Times opinion pages’s outrage by writing them for them. This one is easy – look up the’s equivalent and you’ll be ready for the same article to be written by the “concerned” in Tara Street three days later.

    1. Guy Bague

      The tech section can skip the identification politics BS that dominates much “tech” commentary in the Irish Times and Sunday Business Post by the way – some of it from non-resident correspondents…

  32. bad@memes

    Ooh, look at ME. I’m the Moderator.
    Joke all you like, I’ll be your truncator.
    You must be mistaken.
    See ye. Catch y’all later.

    1. bad@memes

      That was just for the people who hate all forms of poetry.
      The rest of you shouldn’t have read it… if it upsets you.

  33. bad@memes

    I’m saving this thread in my Bookmarks.
    I’m going to go back through it someday and reach out to the fragile egos who can’t understand how someone might ridicule them.

    People tend to forget that every day is a NEW day on the Internet.
    They should remember that and move on.

    1. bad@memes

      There’s nothing wrong with Broadsheet.
      We were asked to submit IMPROVEMENTS.
      – Fair play to anyone who did.

      Frilly did it best, but I like the suggestions about the Arts. They aren’t represented here properly.
      Books, pictures, dance, just poncing around for money… there should be room for it all…

      All this negative ‘I don’t like this / I don’t like that” is a waste of digital ink.
      I don’t like that and I think you should ban the perpetrators of that kind of thinking.
      Censor Censorship.

      1. Pete

        But they have loads of art stuff. Sculpture, photography, design, cartoons, street art and all that. One of the main reasons I come here. Agree with you and Shayna about the BS stance on rude words though. It’s much funnier with the tinkly wrinkly doo dah replacements. Especially when people give out in comments and get tinkly wrinkled all over again!

        1. bad@memes

          I get you Pete…but…
          Where are the books?
          Where is the Ballet?
          Where is the Theatre? (for want of a better term.)

          Where is the passion?
          Where is the love?

          The ‘Arts’ are treated like a gap-filler.
          – And don’t get me started on that ‘Sure where you get it’ stuff. I don’t normally do this and you might like it…

          I give up.
          You sound sound.

        2. Shayna

          I have to admit there is a lot of comedic merit in poo pooing – hopefully, BS’ stance on profane language will continue. Other sites’ comments sections are awash with idiots who offer their knowledge on a certain subjects, and are perhaps inciteful, but disappoint in the delivery of their opinions by swearing via their keyboards.
          (Despite being Catholic middle-class Nazi – thank you, Scottser, I limit my profanities to the real world.)

      2. bad@memes

        I would like to be on BOTV next Thursday with Duct Tape over my mouth.
        Is that a problem?

        I call it a compromise.

  34. badatmemes

    Hey, what about a ‘Lovers’ Corner’?
    – A special place where they can fantasise amongst themselves without the rest of us being forced to visualise overweight, balding social-rejects and their gruntings…
    …and that’s just the girls…

    Just face facts. You’re NEVER going to … again.
    You embarass ALL of us.

    1. badatmemes

      Actually, what about a live discussion during big matches, like today’s one?
      (Inna a ‘chat-pit’ stylee, an’ t’ing…)

      Lots of people know how to watch the telly and use a phone at the same time.
      I’m the opposite to a sports fan meself, but I still think it’s a good idea.

      Give my prize to Frilly.

      1. badatmemes

        It’s half time.
        Mayo are winning?
        I think they are.

        Speaking of winning…Where did yiz get that extra €25 Golden Disc voucher?

        Oh wait… I remember now…

  35. badatmemes

    These one-point leads are not enough Mayo.
    II’m a dubby Dub meself. I fully understand how lucky we are but it’s getting boring.

    I’m on the wrong thread? I don’t care.

    C’mon Mayo!

    (I dont even know where Mayo is on a map. So what?)

  36. badatmemes

    Oh no…
    I’m upset.
    On any normal day I couldn’t care less about any GAA stuff.

    Mayo were absolute HEROES today
    They should be very proud.

  37. Guy Bague

    A Dublin reader writers:

    Why is Mayonnaise trending? And why are culchies now calling it “Mayo” when all they know is “salad cream”?

  38. bad@memes

    Release the pressure.

    It’s no secret that this site is Dubcentric, so let’s meet up in Central Dublin, (Initially), and then …

    It doesn’t matter..
    I keep forgetting that none of you ever move out of your bedrooms.
    Carry on.

  39. Clampers Outside!

    I’m all for most suggestions bar two…

    banning any newspapers, trashy or not, UK or not…

    edit button. If edit is introduced, should have a maximum use of 1.

    I’m late with suggestions

  40. Warden of the Snort

    I think there are a lot of potential improvements that could be made.

    Clearly one would be to make the moderation policy more clear, consistent, and indeed enforceable.

    That said, it would be said by others that the likes of badatmemes who many find offensive and reactionary, contributes a lot of valid insights on certain topics from time to time, so clearly the real issue is a technical one in that some of his insults of other contributors were visible to them somehow. So even though they were subsequently deleted, the damage was done and insults were felt.

    I would prefer myself to take a line that the determination of whether certain offensive-natured comments should be erring on the side of the freedom of speech, and that if it is to be more rigidly enforced, there should be a peer review of sorts, where other contributors of good standing are involved in some way in assessing the context as well as the actual imprecations themselves as they are not indistinct.

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