‘They Falsified Them Under Pressure From Gardaí’


Further to the Garda Representative Association releasing a statement last night, saying rank and file gardai wouldn’t be scapegoated for the 1.4million fake breath test figures from An Garda Siochana.

A five-minute clip from an interview RTÉ’s Paul Reynolds carried out with John O’Keeffe, from the Garda Representative Association (GRA).

Comedy gold, in fairness.

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Ah here.

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22 thoughts on “‘They Falsified Them Under Pressure From Gardaí’

  1. RuilleBuille

    I agree that the rank-and-file should not be scapegoated.

    But to claim that they did not fake the figures is putting their standing in serious harms way.

  2. PhilJo

    I sleep easier knowing that the brave rank and file Gardaí will uphold justice in this country, standing up to the monied and powerful without fear or favour…

    1. Adama

      Haha! Sleepless nights in the Reynolds household I’d say.

      On another note how did O’Keefe end up spokesman for the GRA? I know he’s a solicitor and sometime lecturer but he also specialised in property porn for the Indo. What gives?

  3. Catherinecostelloe

    Somewhere along the line John ye put at least 87 road deaths by dangerous driving into wrong category , such as common assaults. And this figure could significantly rise as its under review.
    Ye are a bloody disgrace , and show appalling insensitivity to victims and their heartbroken families.

  4. curmudgeon

    If the GRA wanted a leg to stand on they should have the numbers scandal made known to the public, rather than have individual (and therefore vulnerable) gardai act as whistleblowers.

    But they didn’t and as such are just as culpable as management.

    BTW this time last year the GRA wear gearing up for a strike for more money, and blatantly lied to the public as to their real pay, estimated at an average of 75k per Garda!

  5. Zaccone

    It should be fairly easy to track exactly which Gardai lied about their numbers. They should be fired instantly.

    I know its not a major crime, but it would start setting a precedent for the force: if you lie and/or are corrupt you’re now at risk of losing your job instantly, instead of just getting a slap on the wrist and reshuffled to a different station at worst.

    It might make a start in the stamping out of garda corruption.

    1. Hansel

      Should be: yes.
      But not necessarily:
      The way they found out about the falsification was because of a difference in numbers between the overall quantity recorded on the gun and overall quantity reported. But there isn’t necessarily a before shift/after shift record, from what little I know.

    2. scottser

      If it was a few thousand I’d agree, but the sheer numbers point to management level instructions from on high.

  6. francis almond

    The next time I’m caught by the Guards I’ll use the line ‘them upstairs made me do it your honour sir’ and give him a big wink. And away I’ll go

  7. Barry the Hatchet

    Sweet merciful Jesus. This is an absolute joke. The GRA could at least come up with a logically consistent position. You can’t claim duress unless you’re done something wrong.

    And Paul Reynolds is useless at asking questions. What was this alleged duress? What were the threatened “consequences” or “implications” for GRA members if they didn’t “elevate” the figures? When did this begin? When did the GRA learn of it? Did any GRA member approach the GRA and seek advice on this issue? It’s completely unbelievable that there was a countrywide practice of Gardai being threatened to make up false figures, but not a single Garda was concerned enough to raise it with their union. So, if they did, what was the GRA’s response? Did they raise it with management? Did they raise it with the Minister for Justice? Did they advise members not to create false data? Did they not think this was a big enough scandal that it warranted going public?

    I’m sorry, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that An Garda Siochana is rotten to the fupping core. The management may be the most culpable element here, but the rank and file stink too.

    1. ReproBertie

      Yes to all this and just to add that the elevation of numbers to create the appearance of doing something rather than doing it says much about An Garda Síochána’s priorities. Do they not see any merit in carrying out these duties? If so then why not do them instead of falsifying them and if not then what exactly do they believe they should be doing instead? Or is it all to cover up a lack of resources by pretending that there’s loads being done instead of admitting they can’t meet targets because they don’t have the numbers?

    2. Gearóid

      “And Paul Reynolds is useless at asking questions.”

      The son of a Garda is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.

  8. Walter Ego

    It’s in their culture, boss.
    I hope they turn this into an all out war between the GRA and Senior Management. With all sorts of skeletons falling out of their cupboards. Noirin must be laughing all the way to the bank.

  9. Catherinecostelloe

    I’m not surprised that he has complained to RTE about this interview , its rather humiliating and has spread like wildfire. Surprised at Smokey Reynolds though., is he trying to gain kudos for attempting to humiliate Maurice Mc Cabe in biased reporting in the past?!

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