7 thoughts on “Off The Rails

  1. Bruncvik

    Don’t know about Irish Rail, but as far as Dublin bus is concerned, I’m not manspreading. I just can’t fit my legs straight into the tiny space between the seats.

    1. snowey

      men are always being lectured to consider women’s rights and all that…and this isn’t a bad thing.
      but on the flip side of it – is it not too much for women to recognise that men has balls there and can’t put their legs together as women too….
      is consideration just too much for some people

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    Great example of Run Dub’s gender bias, they’re pre supposing that a man wrote this. Back in your box.

  3. Tony

    How Is a man expected to blow off a fat winky poot from his dingle dangle if his legs aren’t spread wide apart? Tell me that.

  4. Yeah, Ok

    I have never had a man not move over when I try to sit beside him on public transport. I have on many occasions had a woman not bother her botty moving her bag for me. When are we going to address this most grievous of injustices in our society? This may be the downfall of humanity.

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