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Sinead Finnegan writes:

It’s hard to know how Dublin Ladies footballer Noelle Healy finds the time to balance a career as an anaesthetist and play senior intercounty football, but as she puts it, it’s “a delicate balance”.

With the Dublin Ladies Football Team into their fourth All-Ireland final in a row (playing Mayo, this Sunday at 4pm in Croke Park) Noelle will be hoping to add another All-Ireland to her list of great achievements.

Hon Mayo

AIG Ireland

10 thoughts on “Bring The Pain

  1. Birdie

    Great video, really impressive dedication! I look forward to watching the match.

    I do hope the viewership of women’s football & camogie is increasing… do you think the GAA would kept stats on that?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I think popularity is increasing but needs more of a push by sponsors and RTE Sport. The timing is great, after the furor of the mens final. GaaGo aren’t even offering the match. Will it be on the wireless?

  2. Frilly Keane

    And yet Rena Buckley collected her 18th All Ireland medal last week
    If you’re going to talk achievements like

    Cork incidentally won the last 6 Football All Irelands
    In a row
    With a few doubles on there too

    What are the chances HQ will put a statue up for Rena ?

    1. Birdie

      She is a living legend… there are so many Irish sports women that have achieved so much but no one knows about them, that’s just wrong.

  3. I.P.

    Final on this weekend. The media are really hyping it up.

    *tumbleweed does that sad rolling thing like in those movies*

    1. Birdie

      I know right, bloody disgrace in my opinion. No one in the mainstream Irish media tries to be different and experiment by covering subjects that deserve more coverage like women’s sports.

      Take Channel 4 with their coverage of the Paralympics, they made that into a must watch event. Recently they showed the women’s Euros and Ian Wright was one of the commentators. The level of soccer was class and C4 really went all out with the promo. I loved watching it, no overpaid idiots diving for no reason.

      We need a media that will up the ante and decide to be different by giving equal coverage.

  4. Topsy

    RTE covered all of the Irish women rugby matches in the recent “Would Cup” Lol.
    The standard of rugby was atrocious.
    With all due respects when I watch sport I want to see quality.

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