46 thoughts on “Banished To The Weekend

    1. newsjustin

      They’ve probably found they don’t have grounds to sack him and he doesn’t want to resign. I dunno though.

    1. scottser

      Maybe they’ll give him a medical advice show, where he compares all his oul lad ailments to his listeners. It’s called Dr Hook.
      Or.him and that Bobby from insomnia chat to George’s mates from the sailing scene in Crosshaven. It’s called Captain Hook.
      Or a show where callers ring in to test George’s IQ – Hook Head?

  1. Darren

    Is Hook that popular, with that many listeners that NT wouldn’t just cut him loose? You’d wonder if Hooky knows where all the bodies are buried??

      1. A snowflake's chance in hell

        He couldn’t be sacked contractually for what he did as he didn’t receive a disciplinary process

        What happens to all the naughty girls at Newstalk is that they are put on at the weekend when they hope no-one is listening to the wittering nonsense and hope they will eventually get fed up and leave.

        1. scottser

          It’s not about listeners, major sponsors like the Clayton group and tesco won’t run ads during his slot.

        1. Frilly Keane

          I’m sure he does
          But I don’t have t’be him for my few bob

          Although in one respect
          You would also have to play me to talk about Rugbee in public
          Ya know
          There is that

  2. AnAccountant

    ‘After George Hook used the national platform we gave him to make entirely unacceptable comments about the victims of rape, we have conducted an inquiry and decided he should get that national platform at a different time during the week’

    1. Gay Tea Shop

      In fairness it will split the #marian listenership and panel pool. There is no way he’d be able to anywhere after Saturday or Sunday lunch.


    2. A snowflake's chance in hell

      The only reason he’s kept on – see above, His contractual rights to a disciplinary process were not observed. This way he can keep his profile and still get a few bob on the after dinner set, from the chambers of commerce gobspoos for the speaking engagements and opening whatever envelopes need a thick heavy set misogynist need to officiate

      1. Otis Blue


        And simple economics too. Haven’t his sponsors deserted him leaving a significant hole in the Newstalk budget? No significant sponsor money coming in, no show for George.

  3. Nigel

    I think we’re going to have to face up to the fact that nobody knows what these pitchforks are actually for, unless it’s ‘move someone to a weekend slot ‘

    1. Lilly

      I tend to agree but it’s a commercial radio station. Once businesses decide they won’t advertise on his slot, it’s curtains.

    2. Barry the Hatchet

      Did you read his apology? There’s no way on earth he wrote that himself. Apologies drafted by PR firms don’t count.

      1. Lilly

        Even if he had given the most contrite apology totally off the cuff, we would have no way of knowing what he truly feels.

        The point is, everyone deserves a second chance. That why we have Employment Law procedures. You or I would get a warning and a chance to keep our bib clean. Why should George Hook deserve less?

  4. Harry Molloy

    I think Ciara Kelly’s bit on Marian Finucane should be referred to as the last word and then we’ll all move on. OK?

  5. The Bottler

    Doubt he will have Dr Kelly on with her medical advice slot. She robbed his gig after giving her the big break.

    1. pixxyman

      She’s even more preachy and annoying than George. At least Hook didn’t take himself to seriously. Nothing worse than presenters who think their opinion matters, such as Dr Kelly and Statler and Waldorf on the 7-9am slot Monday – Friday.

  6. Lilly

    While we’re on the subject of radio, did anyone hear Dorothy Cross on Second Captains a few weeks ago? Best radio I’ve heard in a long time.

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