The Border At The Crossroads


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They come over here.

Contextualising our existential crises.

Dundalk-based, Cologne-born Marcel Kreuger (him off the telly) writes:

The Corridor is a series of events organised by new Dundalk residents Anne Mager (arts curator) and myself (writer and translator), both migrants from Germany.

To explore our new home and to engage with the new Brexit border just a few miles up the road, we invited artists from Ireland and Germany to work, talk and perform with the border in mind.

Our first event series is a collaboration with the 1st German Electrophonic Orchestra, who are making noise and acoustically measuring Belfast, Dundalk, Drogheda and Dublin together with Irish artists Paddy Bloomer, Aoife Ward and Sean Hillen all day today on Culture Night, and which will continue next week with all Irish artists in Cologne.

Upcoming events in October and November include a fish dinner with fishermen from both sides of the Carlingford Lough, and a reading with authors like Garett Carr and Paul Scraton who have walked the Irish border and the former Berlin Wall, respectively.

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In fairness.

The Corridor

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