Looking For Business?



Part of a campaign by anti-prostitution activist group Ruhama to highlight how women who are trafficked into Ireland for sex are treated.

The #WhereIsAndreea campaign will see dozens of posters (as above) placed across Dublin city centre.

Ruhama is urging people to call the number above and “hear what Andreea has to say”.


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14 thoughts on “Looking For Business?

  1. Brother Barnabas

    Bodger, you’ve linked to the wrong Ruhama.

    Ruhama is a Catholic Church controlled organisation with state funding channeled first through the Magdalene Order of Nuns. Four of its nine board members are nuns.

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    They should check with Theatre Upstairs to see what’s at the bottom of this, or indeed lanigan’s…

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Life is so horrendous for some people. Here we are, wanging on about this and that, with those poor women cowering in a room somewhere right now, waiting for the next client to come in and do God knows what.

    1. phil

      I think you are making too much of this, there are now systems in place to protect children from the religious . However I do agree more should be done…

    2. snowey

      while I don’t doubt what you describe exists – the reality isn’t like that especially in Ireland
      we could regulate the industry and make it safer for all

      1. ahjayzis

        No we need to do what we did when we banished drugs forever. Clamp down, law law law law law. That should sort it. Just look to the successful efforts in other countries to end the practice entirely.

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