15 thoughts on “Was Het Voor Deze?

  1. The redundant Mickey Twopints

    Can I just say…
    Can I be the first to express my outrage at this outrageousness?

    1. Boj

      That voice box should be removed and thrown out to sea

      Also, the phrases ‘to be fair’ & ‘in fairness’ seem to be on a contagious rampage today…

  2. A snowflake's chance in hell

    Brilliant and progressive learning outcomes, you obviously preferred to hide the truth from her Declan?

  3. Liberte Capillaire

    To be fair, Irish people are very often the first to tell everyone or take pride that they are the best craic, that they are able to drink far more than anyone else, and that the more they drink the most craic they are (all that conversely to their English neighbors).
    Then comes as a surprised that they are portrayed as mad drunks.

  4. Milo

    This is what Fintan, Una, Colm, Jen and the gang tell us every day, and its lapped up like mama’s milk here on Broadsheet. Ashamed! But the Belgians? How very dare they!
    At least they admit we have a beautiful language :-)

  5. Robert


    In that particular episode Peter was proud of his father it was his father was ashamed of HIM!

    FYI there’s an actual McSwiggins pub in Galway

  6. Mr M

    I love Family Guy and never get tired of laughing at it. Seth MacFarlane is a legend.
    However, the episode where he goes to Ireland to find his father is a bit of a let down!
    HE TURNS UP IN A LONDOIN TAXI!!! AND his father is tank-top and tie wearing Francis who is nothing like the his father in that episode.

  7. Mé Féin

    I can’t believe I’m the first to say it but Belgian education is crap. Stupid fookers should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously.

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