A Dude Awakening


Feis Lebowski,.

Cork’s little Big Lebowski festival, returns to the Roundy, Castle Street this Saturday, September 30.

Ruairi O’Hagan writes:

Now in its third year, Feis Lebowski is a celebration of the Coen Brothers’ cult classic, with DJ El Duderino spinning some tunes (a strict “No Eagles” policy is in effect) while guests sip on a White Russian before a screening of the movie at 9.30.

The Feis Lebowski costume contest returns and The Big Fat Big Lebowski Quiz will test Achievers’ knowledge of the film with prizes on offer, and a special trophy for the overall winner.

We’ll also have a lot of Big Lebowski prizes to give away in our Lebowski Raffle – and yes, there will be a rug. Obviously. It really ties the night together.

The proceeds of the raffle will be going to Baby Kate Flynn, a remarkable young Cork girl who cannot breathe on her own due to a unique genetic condition.

Capacity is limited so come along early – we’re not pre-selling tickets and we won’t be keeping tickets on the night for anyone, so it’s first come first served.

The Dude Abides…


Admission €10. Doors 8pm.

10 thoughts on “A Dude Awakening

  1. Birdie

    Kinda related titbit. There’s a pub in Glasgow’s west end called Lebowskis… so popular they opened another two.

    They’re 30 varieties of the White Russian.

    1. snowey

      I’d hate to have a friend/neighbour like Lebowski he was a lazy a-shole
      decent film …the added “coolness” and social references are tiresome.

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