18 thoughts on “‘An Ugly History Of Violence And Abuse’

  1. Catherinecostelloe

    Sure if you get rid of the name Artane, the millons of people that go to All – Ireland matches in the future may not know of shameful history? I’d remember and honour the victims and keep it going.

  2. bad@memes

    I’ve had heated arguments with Mannix in the past, face to face, in the pub.
    I agree with him most of the time. I agree with him on this point too.

    – but I bet you 50c that he’d find a way to make a fight out of this topic too. He’s a difficult man to agree with.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      I like Mannix. And I think he’s sincere and genuine. But I liked him a lot more before he became councilor and started hanging out of windows? Puts more effort now into trying to prove he’s not part of the establishment than into actually being not part of it.

  3. Shayna

    Please indulge me for a minute, or two. My Dad (R.I.P) is the reason for my interest of the GAA, he won some medals for Tyrone, but never an All-Ireland. (’55-’58). He threw me over the turnstiles, when I was a kid, at Croker on any occasion that there was a big match at HQ, I invariably spent 3 hours sitting on the steps of The Hogan Stand. Football, or Hurling, I was there.
    Also, who was there, The Artane Band. Although, then, back in the time I recall, it was The Artane Boys’ Band.
    They are as much a part of Croke Park as is the GAA is to Croke Park. My Dad who owned a hardware store and central heating/plumbing business was a tad frugal on oil during the 70s. It was always a ceremonial ignition of the pilot light to switch on heat for the winter. I always said to Dad, “An Artane Boy’s Band” moment, it happens once a year, when are they going to arrive.
    They never did.
    Anyhoo from thence, a code for the house getting cold, would be, “When Do The Artane Boy’s Band”, arrive?

  4. Liggy

    I am genuinely confused here and I am asking this to actually understand people’s point of view.

    When the truth came out to the majority of people in Ireland what was happening to the women who went into the magdeine homes, the last homes were quickly shut. This was 21-22 years ago. Even though at the time , these abuses had become a thing of the past. The existence of the order in the industrial buildings was just a symbol of what went before.

    So why not the same call for disbandment of this symbol of a shameful past for the boys of the Artane industrial schools?

    I get they are a beloved tradition but they were founded on a lie that covered the real horrors inflicted on other children of their school.

    I get that for a lot of people this does not effect them but for some men, this is a whitewashing of the abuse they experienced.

    What is the real problem with relaunching the band with new uniforms and a new name that does not hark back to a time and place where boys were abused?

    1. scottser

      What is the real problem with relaunching the band with new uniforms and a new name that does not hark back to a time and place where boys were abused?

      because you’re whitewashing your history.
      anyway, what do the artane boys band think?

  5. Frilly Keane

    Not all boys anymore anyway

    I’ve always been of the opinion that the marching band should be nominated by the current holders of what ever title is being contested

    Like say with Cork
    T’would be the Butter’ah
    Or the Carrigaline pipe crowd
    Or the Mayfield Band

    Loads of others out there

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