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Ryanair cabin crew in action

“if we don’t sell enough we will be disciplined, we will be called to Dublin and forced to explain ourselves.

” Today on my early morning flight the average spend per passenger target was just over €1. If there are 180 people on the plane that means that the four crew have to generate sales of €180. It is almost impossible to reach that targets.

And they tell us that if want to get back to a base in our home country or if we want to get promoted or if we want to swap a day with another colleague so we can go to the wedding of our brother then we have to reach our targets.

But they don’t give us realistic targets because they know that if they give us realistic target and we reach them then we might relax and they don’t want us to relax.

That is why on a one hour and 15 minute flight we might have three trolley services plus the gift cart plus the scratchcards.”

Anonymous Ryanair cabin crew member, Irish Times

‘Passengers see our Ryanair uniforms and think we are out to screw them’ (Irish Times)

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29 thoughts on “Always Be Closing

  1. Milo

    Ive never met a nice Ryanair employee. Its some of that cause versus correlation thing. Are they chosen because they are horrible, or are they horrible because they are chosen. We may never know!

    1. Gorev Mahagut

      In any workplace, the standards for how people treat each other are set by the managers. If the staff are unfriendly it’s because the boss is a monster, and therefore rudeness has been established as an acceptable standard of behaviour. This is as true for service industries as it is for any other business.

      1. Milo

        I agree, culture is key. They can also be affected by the metrics and the traits selected against in the recruitment and rewarding process- which again is part of culture. Cultures usually tend to be self reinforcing until a disaster like this happens. Then someone gets fired, they have a “review” and than back to business as before.

        1. Kdoc1

          Exactly. Look at the culture in the Gardaí that enabled some of the members to behave like an indisciplined Dad’s Army.

    2. LW

      You’re the only person common to every meeting with Ryanair staff you’ve had. Strong positive correlation between you being present and an unpleasant experience apparently Milo. Maybe your bar for ‘horrible’ is low

  2. Bruncvik

    Half the time I don’t see the flight attendants at all. That’s because when I travel alone, I fall asleep even before the security presentation. The other half I travel with someone and have to keep sociable. That’s when I spend a few quid on their coffee, which, by the way, is very good. So I’m pulling my weight and then some for the targets.

      1. martco

        I’ve only ever had decent coffee on a plane once – an internal Air France flight I used to have to take for work from Paris to Nice – some kind of small almost Learjet sized yoke, a fab flight.

  3. Black & White

    I travel with Ryanair 3 or 4 times a year and I can’t remember ever meeting an employee on the flight that was rude or behaved in any way inappropriately. There are occasionally problems with a member of staff at the gate in Fuerteventura on a regular basis, the queues had formed one morning and just before the gates opened, he switched around the Priority and non Priority signs which nearly caused fights throughout the queues as people were pushing and shoving from one side to the other. I always have a tea or coffee, which is good, and on longer flights a bar of chocolate or similar.

    1. Cian

      I can’t remember ever meeting an employee on the flight that was rude or behaved in any way inappropriately (on any airline, including Ryanair).

    2. munkifisht

      Agree. I’ve flown with Ryanair around 10 times this year, and while the crew can seem a bit banjaxed, they’ve always been friendly and courteous. This might be because I don’t treat them like a waiter in Shanahans though.

  4. Simplelife

    2.5 hours to Ibiza last Saturday with Ryanair and there was enough booze bought on the first service as the trolley never appeared again… commission levels met & exceeded!

  5. Lilly

    I stopped buying the tea because of the horrible UHT ‘milk’. They might sell a few more newspapers if they carried The Irish Times instead of just the Indo.

  6. Anne

    I travel with Ryanair frequently, never encountered any rudeness during flight.
    If they are employed as cabin crew are they advised they are also required to be salespeople whilst training. Seems unfair.
    I always make a purchase of food and drink during flight.

  7. Owen

    I don’t envy any Ryanair flight attendant. Working in a usually full cafe with up to 200 customers, most who don’t want to be there, with a few microwaves and a kettle to work with, one walkway, 2 toilets, all on a sporadic roller-coaster. Throw in drunks and these targets and you have a person with a genuine reason to bring down the plane.

    I like to think that a year with Ryanair and they can move to a more reputable company – but I’m probably wrong.

  8. Christopher

    Yes their cabin crew are treated very badly- overheard in a cabin crew appraisal that happend in the HQ tea room (of course why bother booking a meeting room).

    Supervisor “So on your flight from X to Y you sold €47 but your colleague sold €86. When we are reducing the number of flights on this route in the winter, and we need to cutting crew levels do you think that we will be cutting back your hours or theirs? Think about that”.

    Yes, in public in front of other staff members. I have alot of sympathy for the crew but I never buy overpriced aeroplane food and drink.

  9. Mike Baldwin

    Perhaps try selling items that there is demand for. I could never understand why they don’t offer travel sized shower gel, facial wipes, 30 minute lounge access, Even currency exchange. Scratch cards and perfume? The merchandiser needs to go back to school…

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