Irish Kickstarter Of The Day: STAYHOLD™


Go on, spill.

STAYHOLD™ Metro and Sidekick carriers.

irish-made, simple, easy-to-use, plastic and velcro cargo holders for the car.

Luke Brennan writes:

I know the guys who operate it, two young Irish designers were approached by an Irish businessman and they have turned it into a successful venture.

I’d say about 1 in 20 of Irish Industrial Design Students that come out of NCAD, design a product and then turn it into a commercially viable business. It really is to be encouraged.

They’ve re-evolved their product and could do with a bit of support getting this one over the line.

STAYHOLD™ Metro & Sidekick: A Revolution in Cargo Management (Kickstarter)

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  1. Bs

    These have been a thing for years. Got some on groupon about 5 years ago. They exist in nearly that exact fk
    And don’t need to be changed to be “homegrown”

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