7 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Or having to take our a loan from her company. (Was that legal by the way ?)
      She will miss the €16,000 ‘illegal’ allowance too.
      Wouldn’t your heart bleed for her? What’s she going to do back in civil street after the next election. Will she survive.?

      1. A snowflake's chance in hell

        It effectively depends on who the shareholders are. It could be illegal but if she’s the only shareholder who is going to bring the case?

    2. DavidT

      She can’t/won’t do much about it but respect for saying it. Whatever of her misdemeanours, it’s not the sort of thing you expect from a right-winger.

      It sort of makes you suspicious though, don’t it?

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