A “Criminal Investigation’


Covanta incinerator at Poolbeg

Ciaran D’Arcy, in The Irish Times, reports:

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is carrying out a criminal investigation into a lime leak at the Poolbeg incinerator, in June, which resulted in 11 workers being hospitalised.”

“In correspondence provided to Dublin City Council’s Environment Strategic Policy Committee, HSA assistant chief executive Brian Higgison advised that a criminal investigation under the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act is under way regarding the incident.”

“The HSA refused an invitation to provide an interim report on its investigation to the committee, saying it cannot pre-empt the outcome prior to its conclusion.”

“The committee heard Covanta has reported 12 non-compliances at the incinerator to the EPA as well as 16 incidents of note.”

“Committee member Joe McCarthy of An Taisce suggested that six non-compliances are now arising from the Waste-to-Energy plant every month given it was not operational for one of the three months in question.

There you go now.

Criminal investigation under way into incinerator lime leak (The Irish Times)

Save Poolbeg.


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4 thoughts on “A “Criminal Investigation’

  1. Owen

    The incinerator is a joke at this stage. It cost 400% above the average cost for similar in Europe, doesn’t function, will probably never operate as intended, and is the biggest eyesore in the city. You can see the emission from the Dublin Mountains and from the entire Dublin Bay area, from Howth to Dun Laoghaire.

    1. postmanpat

      Coventa are a gangster operation straight out of New Jersey. I am not even joking. The locals protested this PPP for years . They tried to get people involved from Eastwall but didn’t get much support because they didn’t think it would effect them. Ringsend were left on there own trying to stop this. Coventa can also fine the government (which its works for) every day the plant is operating below capacity because of efficiency problems so the good people in the government will either gouge the taxpayer and/or disincentive recycling to keep the waste pile topped up (and also pay the fine because of an “oversight” (corruption)) , cue future scandal and public wont care because it will be only a part misspending problem and no one really gets riled up about environmental hazards except locals who where labeled as NIMBYs and got no support.

      1. Jonk

        Hey Conor
        Naw let’s just inhale and ingest it and keep our politicians and planners happy. This was the worst decision in recent times and if you think living a few miles away keeps you safe do a bit of research.

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