Meanwhile, Down Under



Con Kennedy writes:

I suppose the Australian Research and Space Exploration agency could boldly go and wipe Klingons of the surface of Uranus…


Ah now.

Friscondo writes:

And then there’s this (above)…

13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Down Under

  1. Iwerzon

    Reminds me of the time poly technical colleges in the UK received university status in the UK. Newcastle Upon Tyne Poly changed it’s name to the City University of Newcastle & Tyne. It was only when the groundsmen were hammering the initials into the entrance door did they see the blunder and it took some sort of parliamentary motion to get the name changed.

  2. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    A bit off topic, but have ye heard of the rebel group called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, based in the Lanao del Sur province of the southern Philippines?
    Formed in 1977, they’re an Islamic separatist organization, seeking an independent Islamic state (or autonomous region) for the Filipino Muslim minority who live primarily in the Philippines’ Mindanao region. They’re a big deal in the region apparently; the largest armed group in Southeast Asia. More commonly known as MILF.

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