53 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Upper Baggot Street

  1. phil

    Nothing to do with this incident, but I have been wondering over the past 3-4 months if the behavour on the roads has become much more aggressive , it seems so to me, but I dont want to be caught by a cognitive bias …

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Months? Have you seen the phone-users over the past few YEARS? I travelled in the passenger seat of my boss’s Merc one time on the M50 going from Palmerstown to the Naul slip @ 120KPH and he steered with his KNEES while on the phone to text that we were on our way to the meeting but stuck in traffic!

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Boss left 10 mins before meeting because he can’t schedule – does 120kph – pretends to client he’s stuck in traffic – thinks he’s so in control in front of the horrified down tier – wins deal – drives back at a happy 100kph and sets up golf call.

  2. Lilly

    I’ve just passed it. There’s an ambulance, a fire brigade and tons of bystanders. Couldn’t see the car though, that’s some manoeuvre.

    1. Spud

      Seems to be something lodged in the front left wheel of that Lexus?
      Wonder if that caused the car to jerk and partial jump?
      Would love to see CCTV of it

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Yeah, absolute hero Eamonn. Why don’t you download the pic and place your comment on it for your Facebook page? That’ll get the lads laughing.

      1. Nice Anne1

        I don’t know about that @badmemes but I hope HIS insurance company do and HE does not lose HIS no-claims bonus for HIS …. well I don’t even know what to call this.

  3. badatmemes

    I went the wrong way up Baggot Street in a car once.
    I was a woman who was driving.
    She was blonde.
    It was a red Mini.

    I had all of that working against me, but she was pretty and her name was Grace.
    She keeps her Christmas Tree up all year long.
    You might know her.

    How we laughed!
    She did it again on a dual carriageway but it wasn’t as funny.

    True Story.

      1. badatmemes

        I just read my comment. It comes across like a string of euphemism s.
        It isn’t.

        It’s a true story.

        1. badatmemes

          This is where it becomes a bit silly.
          Trust me, it’s true.

          The last I heard she was working for Specsavers.

          It was over 25yrs ago. Grace would get a good laugh out of it if she recognises herself. Nobody else will*.

          * recognise her.

    1. badatmemes

      It’ a double-edged sword of justice, I presume?
      YOU could be next….

      I’m guessing that the lesson is be thankful you weren’t riding a bike at the time…

    2. badatmemes

      Which one of the Healy-Raes will be the first of the torrent of assertions that this is all because of Handicapped Drivers speeding from Government Buildings.

      *not including rotide.

  4. badatmemes

    Can I just say thatvI overcomr my fears by sitting in a car driven by a Lady in Limerick.
    The journey took 2yrs.
    She had drive. She used peroxide.

    Wait a moment…
    Harry Who is on the telly, asking me to anticipate Larry Gogan an Leo Sayer.
    -If he’d said Joe Dolan I’d be in a taxi to his gaff…

  5. Shayna

    Interesting in the pic – there’s a group of people who don’t seem to react, and a parking attendant (or whatever they’re called) across the street who’s chatting regardless to a motorist. It’s a tad surreal on it?

      1. badatmemes

        This is not the right place NORDY right time to be slagging you Seamus Sheena.
        I think you’re brilliant.
        A warrior.
        A princess.

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