8 thoughts on “Primavera

  1. Gabby

    The doll with her long nutmeg hair is highly artistic, and sexy, but I admired much more the original painting by Botticelli when I saw it in Florence some years ago.

    1. Tony

      Whaaaaat? You mean this lovely homage to Botticelli’s Venus ISN’T better than the Renaissance masterpiece of which it is a homage? Outrageous!

      1. Gabby

        Botticelli’s anatomical depiction is more correct than the Kozlova doll. The doll’s depiction shows detachable arms and legs, and what look like flayed kneecaps. If you want an aesthetic experience better book a cheap (Ryanair dodgy) air ticket and make a beeline for the Uffizi Gallery.

  2. Murtles

    Thought it was the new Barbie and was anticipating the outrage when it hit Smyths at Christmas. But it’s just Venus. Stupid sexy porcelain ball-jointed Venus.

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