The Tree Of Life


This morning.

Malahide, County Dublin

Eco activists adorn a trees outside the Grand Hotel Malahide ahead of tomorrow’s Citizen’s Assembly session on climate change.

Stop Climate Chaos members dressed the tree with ribbons containing some of the 1200 recommendations for action on climate change the Citizen’s Assembly received from the public.


Stop Climate Chaos

Leon Farrell/Rollingnews

10 thoughts on “The Tree Of Life

      1. bisted

        …well it was designed as a scam and can kicking exercise but the ungrateful ‘citizens’ assembly have been coming up with some inconvenient conclusions…

  1. Cian

    I saw a quote that there are 50 million abortions each year.

    Abortion is doing wonders for Climate change – imagine an extra 50million people each year!

    1. Nice Anne1

      Some top line statistics from EU SILC:

      11.5% of children (aged 0-17) lived in consistent poverty. Based on the 2011 census (the latest figure currently available for this age group) that equates to approximately 132,000 children. This is one in nine children – equivalent to the entire population of a county like Wicklow, or Mayo.

      Prevalence rates for abuse when broad definitions are used (contact abuse) across Europe are:
      Ireland: Girls: 20.4% and Boys:16.2%,
      Denmark: Girls:15.8% and Boys:6.7%,
      France: Girls.7% and 2.1%
      Greenland: Girls:7.8% and Boys:3.2% ()).

      1 in 9 children in the EU live in poverty.
      1 in 10 children across Europe experience contact sexual abuse

      Where is your crying about real live children?

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