17 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Brother Barnabas

    totally disengenuous headline from The Times – “referendum riots”. How was that a riot?

  2. Wedduck

    Those headlines are warped. No wonder print media is dying. Hundreds were injured when Spanish State police went on rampage.

  3. Michael H

    Financial times headline is nearest the truth out of the lot.
    Looking forward to hearing our spineless government’s reaction tomorrow.

  4. I.P.

    Spain. It’s where my holidays is.

    Mexico had an earthquake.


    Or was that a dream?

  5. martco

    preliminary counts showing 90% in favour of independence

    those newspaper headlines are very odd indeed…the TV coverage has been fairly straight up in fairness, I guess it’s hard to spin live television

    1. Rob_G

      The side who opposed holding referendum boycotted the vote, as they did last time. It will be interesting to see what the turn out is in the end.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Polls indicated around 80% support for holding the referendum. Even those opposed to independence were, for the most part, in favour of the vote.

        No democratic government would oppose a vote, would it?

        1. Brother Barnabas

          42% in terms of votes recorded. Thousands were prevented from voting, thousands more were obstructed en route, thousands more were likely intimidated or freaked out so just stayed at home. And hundreds of thousands of ballot papers were taken by the police.

          So the 42% means very little. If anything, it’s a surprisingly high number.

    1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

      The left hand is in the cast but, if I’ve interpreted the ‘highlighting circle’ in the video correctly, the right hand is the one being (allegedly) broken in the footage.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        The left hand is brought together with the red hand in the highlighting circle within less than a second.

        Are you denying there was brutality?

    2. Twunt

      This whole episode has vindicated the accusations of Fascism against the Popular Party and the Gaurdia Civil. The spirit of Franco lives on in Madrid

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