Checkpoint Parley


A Garda checkpoint

Conor Lally, in The Irish Times, reports:

Garda breath testing figures were “out of kilter” by six million at one point, the Oireachtas Committee on Justice has heard.

Assistant Commissioner Michael O’Sullivan, who carried out an internal review of the inflated figures, which concluded that breath test numbers were inflated by 1.4 million in a seven year period, made the admission on Wednesday morning.

…[Mr O’Sullivan said:] “Part of my recommendations are that in future there is joint training between GISC and the guards.”

He said there were “two interpretations on how the figures were to be recorded” and that he had heard disagreement as to what numbers should go into what boxes on the force’s Pulse computer system.

“For me, it resulted in significant data… In fact at one stage the figures were six million of out kilter.”

Mr O’Sullivan said neither the individual gardaí nor the call takers at GISC understood each other’s position in the process. This was because their training was different and their instruction manuals were not the same.



Garda breath tests ‘out of kilter’by six million at one point (The Irish Times)

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19 thoughts on “Checkpoint Parley

  1. Anomanomanom

    Why would anyone be disciplined. Its Ireland after all, we have one of the most corrupt police forces going. We’ve all known this for decades.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Aren’t most police forces corrupt? I always think it’s due to dealing with so much criminality. It gets into them.

      1. ollie

        Ah well then if most police forces are corrupt we shouldn’t worry.
        Really sick of people like you excusing criminal behavior with the “ah sure everyone else is at it” bull siht

        1. Scoops4all

          I’m no fan of the long arm but I think it’s worth keeping in mind the difference between incompetent and corrupt.

          1. Scoops4all

            I don’t think I’m making excuses. Anomanom reckons ‘we have one of the most corrupt police forces going’. I think this is a major overstatement.

      2. Increasing Displacement

        it takes a thief to catch a thief as they* say

        *i’ve yet to determine who “they” are…maybe I need to think like one

  2. dan

    Case in point: Car damaged by hit and run driver who was tracked down by me, not the Gardai.
    When I contacted the investigating Garda for an update the reply was “That case was resolved”.
    No court case, no caution, no work carried out by the GArdai.
    Now, multiply that by hundreds of thousands.
    And don;t give me the “why bother when the courts are so lenient?” If you don;t like your job as a Garda with all it’s hidden benefits (free city centre parking for private cars, free food,free admission to night clubs, free drink in the local pub, etc etc) leave.

  3. Catherinecostelloe

    I came upon a double fatal in Charleville in 2000 , two young men, no chance of surviving unfortunately. From 1968 — 2006 ( wikipedia) every year the fatal figures were shockingly high , 500 a year on average, climbing to over 640 one year. But I queried with insurance broker , that I happened to be having a coffee with, did he insure the driver that had died .Yes, the youngster was paying 2,500 insurance on provisional licence. I asked what’s happens now? Do misfortunate parents get price of funeral, how is payment calculated? He replied ” maybe 200 euro”. I said “JC, there is something wrong, insurance companies are making vast profits from road deaths” He told me to shut up, that I’d put him out of business. I still question how a kid on provisional licence was allowed by garda/ insurance companies to get behind the wheel of a car , hence shocking figures.

      1. Catherinecostelloe

        If a youngster was stopped in UK during this period , driving on a provisional licence, without a full licence holder in passenger seat, he would immediately face charges of no insurance, and be summoned to court. Persons here were allowed to get behind the wheel, unaccompanied, sky high insurance, and drive off on public roads without a single driving lesson. If pulled over ,allowed to drive on. There was no rules on the road. Hence shocking road deaths. How could insurance companies have allowed it? And An garda?

  4. Andy

    Ohhhhhhh. so it was down to training. Are they sure it wasn’t a systems error?

    not one junior gard who falsified data will be fired or have their pension cancelled.

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