Their Finest Hour


A Ryanair passenger jet has been escorted into Stansted airport by two RAF fighter jets following a suspected hoax security alert.

Flights were temporaily grounded at the airport as the passneger plane was diverted from its route between Kaunas, Lithuania, and Luton airport in Bedfordshire.

RAF jets escort Ryanair flight to Stansted airport after security alert (Guardian)

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17 thoughts on “Their Finest Hour

    1. Cian

      I assume that if there is a risk that the pilots could be compromised that the RAF could shoot down the plane before it is crashed into The Shard.

      But I’m not really sure how a bomb in the hold could influence the pilots.
      Hijacker to pilot: “There is a bomb in the hold. Fly the plane into a building or we’ll blow you up!”
      Pilot: “??”

      1. dav

        I think since September 11, the whole concept of plane Hijacking has changed. Before The power the hijacker had over passengers, crew and whomever they were negotiating with, was based on,” if you cooperate nobody will die”. That is not the case anymore.

  1. Pip

    Marvellous opportunity for RAF type – gets special permission to go supersonic over land en route, then gets to fly up close with big friend. Sir, when can I do it again?! Sir!!

  2. spider

    I’m sure the British Gov are just keen to capitalise on Ryanairs current bad press and another media event to their troubles…

  3. Truth in the News

    What exactly can a fighter jet do with a suspect package on a passenger plane
    Maybe the RAF fighter can in mid air travelling at 500 mph send a guy over to
    the plane and take the package off… has shades of flying angels or pigs

    1. curmudgeon

      They’re there to blow it up in case it’s hijacked and flown into say a large skyscraper or two.

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