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This morning.

H writes:

Like many others, who were probably also supposed to be working, I followed the final flights of the last two British Airways Boeing 747s – G-CIVB and G-CIVY on Flightrader24 (pics 2 and 3) this morning….While I was on there I noticed a distinct lack of activity in Dublin airport (pic 1)…

…as well as some RAF shenanigans just off Anglesey ( above). I thought it might be of interest to your readers….



Earlier: Checking In

An RAF Typhoon fighter is pictured yesterday being refuelled by an RAF Voyager after intercepting the Ryanair flight

This afternoon.

Via MailOnline:

Police have released two Kuwaiti and Italian men without charge and said no terror incident took place on board the diverted flight after a ‘suspicious item’ in a toilet turned out to be a mobile phone.

RAF jets were scrambled to intercept the Lauda jet before armed police surrounded it on the runway when it landed at Stansted from Vienna at around 7.20pm yesterday.

The crew had alerted police to a potential ‘security threat’ on board, and after landing two men aged 24 and 48 were arrested by anti-terror police and taken into custody. They have now been released and the investigation closed….

Everyone stay cool.

Dramatic moment RAF Typhoon jet escorted Ryanair plane after terror alert (MailOnline)

Pics: PA/ RAF

A Ryanair passenger jet has been escorted into Stansted airport by two RAF fighter jets following a suspected hoax security alert.

Flights were temporaily grounded at the airport as the passneger plane was diverted from its route between Kaunas, Lithuania, and Luton airport in Bedfordshire.

RAF jets escort Ryanair flight to Stansted airport after security alert (Guardian)