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  1. Mourning Ireland

    “Dil Wickremasinghe ‘shocked and deeply saddened’ as her Newstalk show is cancelled”

    On Indo.


    “Dil Wickremasinghe ‘relieved Twitter character count limited raised to 280 in time to allow her full name to be used in tweets’ as her Newstalk show is cancelled.”

    Another court case on dismissal imminent- maybe. Georgie will go halvesies on the learned friends?

    1. dylad

      Good example of shoehorning a weak and slightly racist joke into a comments section. Also, technically incorrect.

  2. Zuppy International

    Hey Abortion-Huggers!

    Why so silent on the Irish Time poll?

    Is it because – if the numbers are true – most Irish people are closer to Zuppy’s position than yours?

    I have a suggestion: call off this Repeal Non-sense (you can’t win) and work towards implementing the relevant legislation that’s currently on the books, but always bearing in mind the protection afforded to both mother and child by the 8th amendment.


    1. newsjustin

      It seems like the Citizens Assembly may have done a useful job for the pro-choice argument in effectively softening up the electorate – although I’m not suggesting it was intentional/orchestrated. Essentially, the CA suggests reform that would open up the horrific vista of abortion for any reason at any time. So the electorate are happier with a more restrictive reform, still removing the right to life of the unborn. A seeming “middle ground”.

      It’s not really in the gift of the pro-choice or pro-life campaigns to deliver, but it seems like the Govt will go for a limited reform that stands some chance of passing (according to the IT). Pro-life people will still be set against it (I would be). But it has a chance of passing.

      The question is, will the pro-choice side push for simple repeal and legislation as per CA. I guess they will, there’s no down side in asking. The downside would only come in the very unlikely event that they get what they want….and the electorate tells them they don’t want it. Back to status-quo. Which is good from a pro-life point of view.

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