39 thoughts on “She Is Among Us

    1. Cian

      Yup. I’d rather look at a picture of Kelly Brook than a random object that ‘looks like Ireland’. (or leather jacket guy)

      1. Mé Féin

        I don’t know who Kelly Brook is and I have blocked LJG with some kind of Chrome plug in.
        Things that look like Ireland are brilliant.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    In the context of France’s law against photo-shopped models, and image libraries such as Getty following suit, it’s heartening to see that not all models of any gender need to be skinny rakes anymore. As a model, Ms Brooks looks refreshingly normal. Good on yiz Skechers.

  2. francis almond

    I’m not allowed to say she’s ‘gone stout’!! this North Korean levels of censorship. I’m not saying she’s unattractive but the simple unvarnished truth is… She’s gone stout. I’m not the same lady I was 20 years ago… but I haven’t gone as stout as her.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Well if you’re calling this ‘North Korean levels of censorship’ then I’m guessing your transgression was hyperbole.

      1. francis almond

        Saying Kelly Brook is ‘stout’ is not hyperbole! FHM Sexiest Woman In The World in 2005 simply is not the sexy young, lithe sexy girl she was almost 2 decades ago. She’s gone stout. All women go stout except the very fortunate few. That’s all I’m saying.

      1. Francis almond

        come on Broadsheet! can I not say Skechers are for stout 40 somethings. this is shocking censorship

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Pity she’s such a thug though. She’s slapped a couple of her exes and bragged about it in her biography. A pretty face masking an ugly personality.

  4. Gabby

    She has a cheerful demeanour. I’d like to see her perched on the bonnet of a Ford Focus car. It would enhance the demeanour of the car.

  5. Nullzero

    She’s got a decent right hook on her by all accounts. Women hitting men is so trendy, men are such punchable bastards

  6. Francis almond

    hold on. Skechers has it’s own shop in Dublin! I thought you could only buy these in lifestyle sports!! I’m flabbergasted by this

  7. Nice Anne1

    I get a bit tired reading how men are written out of the narrative of domestic abuse because dealing with it is part of a feminist agenda that cannot countenance women as the same sort of perps they vilify men to be.

    This may be outing but…. it was 3 women who founded, fundraised and broke their holes to get AMEN off the ground in Ireland. 3 cupping feminists who believed in equality there should be provision for ALL victims of fupping domestic violence, no matter what creed, race, sexuality or gender. They worked really hard and took a lot of incredulousness and abuse on the chin. Even today, they do not receive the same amount (or direct proportion) of funding that similar organisations do.

    The co-founder of Menkind in the UK is a woman.

    Among some sections of society, there may be a one sided narrative about domestic violence that paints men as the aggressors but these are the talking heads who are not doing anything about the situation. The people working on the ground are doing something about it and they don’t have time to write poorly researched shi1e like this in the papers.

    Anyone ANYONE who attacks their partner should be offered counselling in the first instance to get to the root of the underlying issue. If they are a repeat offender, jail. Unfortunately we live in a society where we deny the possibility of, or laugh, at this sort of behavior.

    Did you read or hear people saying that Johnny Depp is too handsome and too famous to have possibly lifted a hand to Amber Herd (the attention seeking gold-digger). Or there is no way little Kelly Brook could have hit Jason Statham – What sort of a wuss is he?

    Have you ever heard this statement – If she/he was hitting their partner, why didn’t he / she leave? That is what I would have done. Ah the grandiose certainty of anyone who has never been in this position.

    We need to grow up as a society and see this insidious problem as one that gets worse because of society’s toxic reaction to it.

    1. Mr M

      Well said Nice Anne1. That was a great piece both interesting, educational and well balanced.
      Miss Brook is a fine thing but how would it sound if a bloke wrote in his autobiography that he slapped his partners around without provocation, there would be uproar.

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