Kilkenny, Anxiety And Me


Rising comedy star Seamus Kelly in conversation.

Spud, of the Comedy Cast, writes:

I spoke with a Kilkenny comedian who lives in Kerry, Seamus Kelly, (Behind the Kingdom & The KY Comedy Alternative) . We talk a lot about mental health, he suffers from fierce anxiety and depression and attempted suicide a while ago.

It’s not a attempt to hijack his misery, he just speaks very openly about what he goes through, how comedy has helped and how the HSE were useless in it all.

He’s very funny as well.

Colourful language throughout.

The Comedy Cast

5 thoughts on “Kilkenny, Anxiety And Me

    1. gorugeen

      Yes, please explain. Do you mean mental health issues shouldn’t discussed on a comedy podcast or on broadsheet?

  1. Seamus Kelly

    Well seeing as I was the one on the podcast I felt perfectly OK with discussing issues regardless of whether you think it’s not the “best” place to do so. Maybe I should sit in a room with a qualified professional who couldn’t give a toss about my feelings or how the properly treat me. I have nothing but high praise for spud allowing me to talk about my issues..

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