‘Nasty Journalism Must Stop’


Kitty Holland, of The Irish Times; Denis O’Brien, owner of Communicorp

Last night.

At the Gate Theatre, Dublin.

Further to Denis O’Brien-owned Communicorp – which includes Newstalk and Today FM – banning all Irish Times journalists from the group’s radio stations…

…Following the newspaper’s columnist Fintan O’Toole saying he would no longer go on Newstalk in the wake of George Hook’s comments about rape…

… Kitty Holland, who is the Social Affairs Correspondent at The Irish Times, “confronted” Mr O’Brien about the ban…

Fair play. In fairness.

Thanks Sandra

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42 thoughts on “‘Nasty Journalism Must Stop’

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Anything that isn’t put forward by CommuniDOB outlets is “Nasty” because it doesn’t come from CommuniDOB.

    1. bisted

      …Fintan O’Toole is one of the few decent writers left in the Irish Times…probably why he annoys Denis so much…

  1. gorugeen

    Methinks Newstalk are shooting themselves in the foot.. again…. again…….DOB not helping.

  2. Smith

    Kitty, the peoples’ journalist, fighting for social justice & tackling inequality.
    Was so enraged, she (briefly) could not ingest the Chilian merlot at the theatre bar.

    1. Jim Bob Julius

      Not a fan of hers but you do know chilean merlot can be had for a few euros?

      It’s hardly an indication of lush excess.

    2. Pete Tong

      I beg your pardon, she wouldn’t be caught dead drinking merlot – especially not a New World merlot, gross.

    3. Markgdub

      Yeah Chilian merlot is a lot spicier and harder to digest than Chilean merlot.

      Lousy penny pinchers at The Gate!

  3. Pete Tong

    I wouldn’t have a blanket ban but I certainly wouldn’t have Kitty or Fintan on because they’re both planks and neither of them live according to the political views they espouse.

  4. snowey

    I was never a fan of DoB.
    But I am now – stick it to that horrible yolk O’Toole
    Bravo Denis…

    now bring back the hook for a flawless victory.

      1. Pete Tong

        Support for rapists?? What are you referring to?? I’ve never seen or heard any of them expressing support for rapists

  5. Digs

    Hi all. I’m currently in the proces of trying to raise money for my new film project. Anything you can contribute would be great. Ive set up a go fund page.nheres the link:


    It’s basically a skin flick starring Una Mullally, Kitty Holland, Ivan Yeats and George Hook.There will be girl on girl, guy on guy and all manner of spit roasting.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. dav

      It’s the weekly conference call from Grand Canal Quay begging the hedge funds not to pull the plug..

  6. guy bague

    God Sarah Carey must be enjoying this. No, wait she’s. White and Straight – the cis-terhood don’t count.

    Kitty Hollands da Eamon McCann would be delighted at this kinda thing. Good for her.

    Tiiocfaidh Merlot sister!

  7. Charger Salmons

    Fintan O’Toole is your typical neo-liberal who wants free speech only provided it’s what he wants to hear.
    In his article he urged everyone to boycott Newstalk and when Newstalk management made this a formal policy for Irish Times staff he complained about curbs on free speech.
    The man is a gowl bag.

    1. brownbull

      Charger Salmons – I’m sick and tired of having to explain to idiots like you that complaining about what someone says because you believe it offensive does not impinge against their free speech. George Hook and anyone else are free to say what they want but they are not free from the consequences of what they say, and other people have a right express their disgust with what they say. Urging a boycott against a radio station does not impinge upon anyone’s free speech whatsoever, you have no understanding of legal rights.If I imprisoned George Hook because of what he said, or took out a legal order preventing him from saying something, then we could talk about whether his freedom of speech has been impinged upon.

  8. Old Dublin Tales

    I think it’s absolutely hilarious that the IT are now trying to be the ones who are seen to stand up to Denis O’Brien.

    I remember an article published by Mark Paul in the Irish Times very early on in the Siteserv controversy which made fun of Broadsheet for raising the Siteserv issue and talked about Denis O’Brien ‘putting manners’ on it.

    The Irish Times are a bit late to the party on this one, frankly.

    The article is here if anyone wants to read it. Interesting in hindsight!!


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