15 thoughts on “Jaffagate

  1. bisted

    …history will show that Brexit is an inevitable consequence of the great Jaffa Cake debate…in the UK it is a biscuit while the rest of the EU maintain if it’s called a cake then it must be a cake…a 37% price differential seems prophetic…

    1. Vote Rep #1

      You have got that spectacularly wrong. It is a cake in the UK. The famous court case was that it be recorded as a cake, not a biscuit, and therefore did not pay any VAT in the UK. No idea what your waffle about the EU is or what it has to do with Brexit.

      1. bisted

        …you can’t see that the Jaffa Cake is symbolic of the rift between the UK and the EU…well that takes the …

  2. martco

    had a conversation with a UK supplier last week over a piece of equipment we’d been planning to buy for a year now. had to pull the idea because the UK lads couldn’t/wouldn’t make a legally binding commitment regarding its 5 year warranty. there’s more than money issues in this brexit.

  3. dav

    British corporates have been screwing us over for years, nothing new in that. I recall is the days after sterling left the EMU in the 1990’s, sterling fell to PARITY with the Punt – and the shops up north and in GB wouldn’t give the correct exchange rate.
    The sad thing is, paddy accepts it and comes back for more

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, even Penneys on occasion can indulge in the eye watering price differential of £2 = €3 which it hasn’t been for some time. It’s cheaper to buy online and pay the €4 Parcel Motel delivery charge!

  5. The Dude

    Blatant price gouging by UK multiples, and particularly the aforementioned company, has totally put me off them.

    Ever since the introduction of the euro, we have been ripped off by imports being routed through the sterling area, where Paddy is being charged exchange rate fees twice – with prices often rounded further up, with £2 becoming €3. This is occurring on a strategic level, which is why UK multiples have referred to Ireland as ‘Treasure Island, with the natives correspondingly unburdened of excessive unnecessary wealth.

    Media outlets that might cover this issue may be too busy advertising or taking ‘sponsorship’ from major companies involved in the practice. Strangely the matter goes unreported.

    Brexit illustrates the long overdue to need for Ireland to import and export directly with the Euro region. Roscoff / Brest – Waterford offers a logical Euro channel – rather than being fleeced by the Sterling filter.

    Major opportunities are at hand for the island to significantly reduce our cost base and to collectively prosper. Or are we going to continue being guided by vested interests which profiteer at this not occurring?

  6. Anomanomanom

    You can’t just convert like that and then think that should be the price. You have costs on it, like higher wages, tax and so on.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      If that’s the case surely there should be different prices in each store? These Jaffa Cakes cost £1.50 in Bond St, the most expensive place to have a retail outlet in the UK and Huddersfield which wouldn’t have the same rent/wages etc. There’s a 3% difference in VAT rates between here and the UK, but I don’t think anyone can reasonably justify a 30% mark up on practically all their products.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Because of the price gouging, Irish M&S are in profit. They’ll stay as long as people are stupid enough to pay a 30% mark up.

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