Fashion Leaders


Ultan Mashup writes:

Spotted on my half marathon run in the rain down Dún Laoghaire East Pier. Brightened up a dreary day. Awesome gear in the hounds. Fashiondoggers meet FashionBloggers no doubt! The doggies gear puts the dull conservative running gear of Irish runners to shame. Well done that lady for handling six together! Woof! 

28 thoughts on “Fashion Leaders

    1. Sharon Haugh

      These dogs are extremely well looked after, are pets and not racers, the lady that owns them does fantastic work with rescued sighthounds, people should not make derogatory comments without all the facts.

    2. SuzieSuz

      Gobspoo – A) they’re not all greyhounds and B) the ones who are, are ex-racers all being loved for who they are and not how fast they can run. Careful before you go shooting your mouth off.

    3. Houndgirl

      Just to assure anyone with concerns- all 6 dogs are adored pets. There are two retired racers, one who never raced so rest easy that they are not put down if they don’t win races. All are microchipped, wearing id tags, licenced, very well fed with fresh food, well exercised, living indoors and all cleaned up after. We’d a lovely walk and all enjoyed! I am aware of the outdated law but I am very experienced and very capable of walking the six of them with ease. I’ll put it to you this way, I won’t be dripping any off at the pound just so I can be legal. I’m well able to walk them all and I can afford to take excellent care of them so I’m very happy to care for the six of them. They were very popular on the pier and lots of people came over to say hello and give them a pet ☺

  1. Rob_G

    Ultan’s humble brags on Broadsheet are gas, in fairness.

    – we get it, Ultan, you are quite good at running.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      +1 people don’t realise when you say these things it has just become normal for you in your life.. not trying to brag.
      I have been guilty # runner # addict # tunnel vision

    1. SuzieSuz

      Agreed – but it’s both an outdated and unfounded law these days. This particular person rescues ex-racers and has nothing but love and devotion for her hounds. The new draft law doesn’t refer to number of hounds.

    1. BanEverything

      Isn’t it great that we have people like yourself to remind us all of the rules and regulations! Nice for you to have something to keep yourself busy. Keep up the good work x

  2. Ndee

    Mayor quimby, you seem to have a great talent for copying and pasting however they are not all greyhounds for a start. You’re thinking of blood thirsty racers waiting to pounce on a flipping rabbit. They have multicoloured blankets and are walking in unison with their extremely capable owner. Hardly the snapshot of danger. Some of those dogs are a mix of breeds one of which has saluki crossings and although yes there are some greyhounds there id take a minute out of your clearly busting schedule and go back to google and type in how many cross breeds you can walk at once either that or actually find something better to do at 3.11 pm in the day than come one and take shite when you should really just enjoy a nice photo of a wonderful dog owner and her mixed breed brood. #getalife #negativenancy

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