Free Thursday?


On Thursday night.

At Google’s EU HQ in Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4.

At 6.30pm.


Conor Kavanagh writes:

POZ NEG is a discussion of HIV within the LGBT+ community, how we treat our positive peers, and where responsibilities for infection and treatment lie.

Infection rates are increasing, with risk-taking and the growing culture of chemsex positioned as key factors behind the rise.

How do we as a community tackle this problem? What is it like to live with HIV? Whose responsibility is it to avoid infection?

Join the following star panelists to discuss one of the most important issues facing gay men in Ireland:

– Rory O’Neill: Gender discombobulist and accidental activist (AKA Panti Bliss)

– David Stuart: Substance Abuse Lead, 56 Dean Street, London

– Tonie Walsh: LGBT+ rights activist, journalist, disc jockey and founder, Irish Queer Archive

Tickets are free but you must register with Eventbrite, and there will be free food and complementary drinks on hand at the pre-event reception. Oh, and you don’t have to work in tech to attend – come one, come all.

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  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    What’s the + in LGBT+? Someone told me an ‘I’ has been added. If the LGBT peeps are growing then aren’t we all a letter?

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