It Screams ‘Trust Me’


From top: Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe in the Dáil this afternoon: the ties that bind.

From stripy austerity to deep purple.

The budgets of 2008-20018 illustrated by Minister for Finance neckwear.

Most welcome.

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Thanks Lughan Dean

16 thoughts on “It Screams ‘Trust Me’

  1. Charger Salmons

    Help out an old chum here lads.
    I could have sworn I heard Paschal say he’s changing the CGT Exemption rule on property bought between 2012-2014 from keeping the property for 7 years and reducing it to four but I can’t find it anywhere online.
    Obvious re my post yesterday on holding four apartments bought cheap as chips in those years this could be mighty interesting.
    And,all those US hedge funds who bought up thousands of empty Dublin new-builds (* for it was those the exemption was aimed at ) could suddenly release them onto the market.
    If so this is interesting stuff.
    But tbh,I was mixing a lunchtime sharpener of Dingle Gin and Tonic so I may have misheard it.
    Anyone ?

  2. Paul

    If Wallace braids his hair and hangs it down the front of his pink polo, would you include him in the photo. No doubt he’s feeling kind of left out at the moment.

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