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  1. Catherinecostelloe

    Why are so many women going public on Weinstein? If so outraged why didn’t they record a crime with police? And what about innocent till proven guilty? Maybe he is a horrible s*** but women victims , if they are victims, kept quiet for ” stardom”? The very ones that speak of empowering women? Surely by staying stumm ye empowered him?

    1. Nigel

      Let me direct you gently to the number of women who accused Bill Cosby and how long it took for anyone to believe them and all the women who accused Trump and how that worked out and suggest that the problem wasn’t the women he assaulted and that he was already plenty empowered. Also you could change ‘stardom’ to any professional career at all and it wouldn’t be any different.

    2. Listrade

      Why doesn’t any victim of sexual assault speak out immediately? A few things may have slipped your attention while formulating a narrow-minded assumption.

      Women did come forward, their stories on record. They eventually got paid off…and never worked again. However, as Nigel points out, the issue of coming forward doesn’t go well for most victims. Crosby, Trump and Clinton victims found themselves threatened. humiliated and exposed to character assassinations in the press.

      But if you’re so keen on asking why victims don’t come forward, it’d be interesting to see if you’d be so adamant in them putting “stardom” ahead of reporting if you were sat alone in a room with Terry Crews. Would you ask him the same question about his sexual assault and why he didn’t report it? Would your views be so strong against the victim them? Not sure because you only talk about the women victims. What about Corey Feldman? He was abused, he only reported it much later and was and still is universally dismissed as mentally ill and a drug abuser.

      It isn’t just women. It isn’t just Hollywood. The common trait is someone in a position of immense power abusing that power on those they know cannot and won’t speak out. It’s the whole nature of a predator. They don’t target those who will be a threat of exposing them, they target those who are weaker. That’s why the pattern is younger upcoming stars and not established A List stars.

      1. Gimme Shelter

        1. although she had heard rumors about Weinstein she let him have her number.

        2. What complicates the story, Argento readily allowed, is that she eventually yielded to Weinstein’s further advances and even grew close to him. Weinstein dined with her, and introduced her to his mother

        3. The woman continued to have professional contact with Weinstein after the alleged rape, and acknowledged that subsequent communications between them might suggest a normal working relationship. “I was in a vulnerable position and I needed my job

        4. Weinstein was so instrumental to Sorvino’s success also made her hesitate: “I have great respect for Harvey as an artist, and owe him and his brother a debt of gratitude for the early success in my career, including the Oscar.” She had professional contact with Weinstein for years after the incident, and remains close friends with his brother and business partner, Bob Weinstein


        1. Listrade

          Why don’t victims of domestic abuse just leave their partners and report them after the first incidence of abuse?

          Why didn’t the girl Tom Humphries was texting just not reply and report it to the Gardai?

          Why didn’t Terry Crews immediately report his assault?

          Why do victims of assault maintain relationships and contact with their abusers?

          It was an open secret. Like at lot of other open secrets about Hollywood, Fashion, etc. His movies were still produced, agents still put young vulnerable women in a position where they could be abused. The industry told them to be quiet and that it was the norm.

          We can either use this very common aspect of sexual abuse to make it even more challenging for victims to come forward or we can look at the very common abuse of power by predators and those who facilitate and help cover up this abuse.

          It doesn’t matter that the victims learned to accept the abuse as normal for working in Hollywood. They should never have been put in a position where it is normal or accepted. Many of them were young and vulnerable when it started and they were placed into a known danger by others in authority like agents, management and sometimes their parents.

          The issue of money and success came from those middle-men who ignored known risks to get a young person a profession. Same in fashion, same in sports, same elsewhere.

          1. Gimme Shelter

            I think more needs to be done to support women in these cases where they feel empowered to confront the predator.

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