Paul Hollywood on last night’s Great British Bake Off

Episode 7 of The Great British Bake Off took place on Channel 4 last night..

Frilly Keane writes:

Not for me it wasn’t, even the intro was more like a drive thru Westmeath on a boggie November morning than a fizzy sun-baked lounger resting on the edge of the Amalfi Coast.

I was wishing them to arrive on Mopeds and imagined The Hollywood roaring in and leathered up on his Ducatti. Nah.

Meh. But he did attempt a Berlusconi look with that tan; Christ he was like something out’ve TOWIE, and maybe he shouldn’t have been so cribby about the use of cocoa powder in the Signature since it looked like he was pastry brushed all over in the stuff himself.

In fact Prue was a bit cribby herself, from complaining about there not being enough booze to bakes not being worth the calories. Meh.

There wasn’t even a bake I would go out of me way to eat. Order in maybe. But definitely not to the trouble of baking. And I’ve never even seen a pasta grinder outside of a shop display. Maybe if they start selling them in Mr Price would I even give one a second look tbh.

If there was anything worthwhile to follow up on last night it probably would be 9-Lives Stacey’s filling from her Lemon Cheesecake Cannoli  and maybe follow up on Prue’s Pizza dough and give the How-to-Toss like a Pro a run.

Although t’was good to know how to use a pizza paddle properly, I doubt I’d ever go to the trouble if I’m honest. But you never know, maybe one of these days I might be swept off my feet by a Lotto win and indulge myself with a trophy wife lifestyle with the kitchen the size of a scout hall. So just in case, t’was good to know.

It was all about the heat last night. And we said goodbye to Yan. Although I think Stacey should have gone, I’m not going to start a row about it. Anyone who thinks Mint Rose and Amaretto is a thing, needs lancing anyway. Yeah I know the Hollywood didn’t mind it too much; but imagine Marzipan, Toothpaste and Turkish Delight together between a few Malted Milks….. yeah me too.

Overall Yan had far more better weeks and bakes than Stacey. It must be said like. And she contributed far more memorable bakes, like that Banana-Ramen one and the Rainforest one.

But she was too convinced on Science being the key method, like that Pie Equation, for the perfect bake. But that approach only makes baking (and cooking) boring, like it’s a precision activity. No, it’s not really, and Cake should never be boring.

So yer man the semi-pro baker got the hat-trick last night, but only a photo-finish must have separated him from Sophie; that’s 4 weeks from 7 so far that she was runner up in my book, and another week where she made the break thru and got Star Baker for herself.

That type of consistency will be hard bate imo, and she is beginning to look more and more like Season 8 champion, and Christ that Stacey has to be gone next week.

Will next week be any better; We cannoli hope (‘bin dying to use that all week)

But it’s a good one for me, Historical Bakes, as I have a hunch that my favourite Bake Offer, and asaic the most accomplished baker they’ve ever had, Mary Anne Boermans from Season 2 – her with the Apple Roses for those that might have forgot) Since her particular interest is in historical and forgotten about Bakes, see I know she had some involvement in a previous series when they did a segment and a challenge on the Opera Cake, which she introduced them to in the S2 Cake Week.

Anyway, older bakes and the stories behind them are always worthwhile telly, even if you’re only a Wagon Wheel man.

Incidentally, I probably have a historical foodie thing in mind for my next book. If I ever get the last one sorted like.

I tried to slot Focaccia in here somewhere; maybe something about Stacey getting the Foccicia out’ve the show.

But still there’s always next week.

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Pic: Channel 4

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  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    Hats off to whoever commissioned this in the future. I thought there’d be *some* market for a tv show about baking but this has been a phenom.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      “Hats off to whoever commissioned this in the future.”

      I actually do not know why I wrote ‘in the future’ there. Maybe this flu is making me a tad delirious.

  2. edalicious

    Unless there’s a serious upset, the final can only be Liam, Stephen and Sophie at this stage.

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