To The 8th Degree



Small double bedroom with shared bathroom to rent in apartment in period home in Rathmines. Rent is 650, only bills are Internet (25e per month) and heating (30-50 per month)!

The apartment is small but it’s in an amazing location, 5 minutes from both Rathmines and Ranelagh villages.

Well serviced by public transport; 5 minute walk to Beechwood Luas, 5 mins to bus stop (11, 14, 15, 18, 83 and 140 ) and 10/15 min walk to Leeson St.

You’d be living with female young professional in mid 20s, looking for someone in similar situation. I enjoy hanging out and having the chats over tea/wine with housemates but also value my own space.

Looking for a housemate who is a bit of craic, tidy, reliable for bills and easy-going. This is a pro-Repeal the 8th apartment.

Mayor Quimby writes:

“Is it OK to discriminate against pro-lifers?”


Belgrave Square South, Rathmines, Dublin 6 (

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    1. Gimme Shelter

      That’s funny you say that, my browser keeps showing me two illuminating ads for male undergarments on this post

        1. Gimme Shelter

          Everyone thinks that but not on this particular browser they aren’t
          I think they’re tailored to ‘standard broadsheet reader’ in this case

    2. TheRealJane

      Yeah, everyone knows women who are passionate about social issues are no fun, science proved that ages ago.

      1. Rob_G

        I’m all for repealing the 8th, but if I saw that in an ad for a flat, it would set off a few alarm bells.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Your post about it being ok for society to let old people die to save money set off a few alarm bells, in fairness.

          1. Rob_G

            I’m sorry that you failed to understand a very simple statement about demographics, Moyest. I imagine that they will cover it in 2nd year of your social studies programme, so perhaps we can discuss it then.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            And you’re choosing to double down on it! Of course you are. You’re actually choosing to defend your position that people should not be cared for by society when they get “too old”. Amazing. You’re a proper sociopath. Well done, Psycho Rob.

          3. Rob_G

            Of course I am.

            “People are living longer and having fewer babies, so we will all need to work longer” – this isn’t some sort of fringe opinion. The only thing surprising about it is your wilful misinterpretation/genuine inability to comprehend this notion.

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            “this isn’t some sort of fringe opinion”

            Yeah, that’s not what you said though. Good lad. You specifically said when people get to a certain age, they’re *too* old for society to be spending any sort of money on. That very much is a fringe opinion, Psycho Rob. It’s a sick, shameful, twisted opinion.

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            Because I have an encyclopedic knowledge of your comments. :D Obviously I can’t remember the thread. Dav might though, seeing as he also pointed this out to you when you said it, but I doubt he, or anyone cares about this conversation. You do though, AND you know what I’m saying is true which is what makes your squirming over your sick comments so satisfying…..Does anyone know if you can make a career out of alliteration?

          6. MoyestWithExcitement

            It’s easy to do when you remember the thread. I’m not as obsessed with this place as you are though. Like I said, Dav pointed out the disgusting nature of your comments to you at the time but nobody apart from you cares about this which is why you’re continued paticipation in this conversation is so funny.

          7. Rob_G

            “… but nobody apart from you cares about this ”

            – you are the one that keeps bringing it up. I merely suggested you put up a link for your dubious claim (which of course you won’t).

          8. MoyestWithExcitement

            Because, I’ve explained to you 3 times now, I don’t remember which thread it was because I’m not obsessed with an internet comments section of a blog, as you are. I keep bringing it up because it was, and I mean this, the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read on these pages. Bigotry can often be written off to fragility on the part of the bigot; you can feel sorry for them on some level. What you said was cold blooded psychopathy. It was a scary insight into your mind, especially in a world that is becoming more and more corporate and, in turn, eroding the rights of people and values of humanity; treating us like we only have value if we can make money for a corporation. You know you said it. I know you said it. As long as we’re both posting here, I’ll be reminding you of it every time I’m here, link or no link. If my name has as little credibility around here as you want to believe, you have nothing to worry about.

          9. Rob_G

            “Bigotry can often be written off to fragility on the part of the bigot; you can feel sorry for them on some level.”

            – is this some sort of mea culpa for your ‘mongoloids’ comment?

            “You know you said it. I know you said it.”

            – no, I don’t accept that. You’re wilfully misrepresenting what I said. You’re a liar.

        2. BobbyJ

          Advert will have done its job so. If it sets off alarm bells for you then you ain’t the right person for the houseshare

      2. Milo

        You’re right Jane. They are the best craic ever. Larissa Nolan has a great piece in the Times today outlining their lolness and the joy they bring to the world.

  1. missred

    I don’t think they’re saying no to pro-lifers as such, they’re just giving any potential tenants a heads-up on what sort of housemates live there. I told a girl a couple of years ago who was moving in that myself and another girl in the house were pro choice activists and we talk about it openly. She was relieved (she was also a choicer) that I didn’t reveal something that was actually in any way shocking

    1. Gimme Shelter

      How would that work if I met you down the pub, fancied you and wanted to ask you out on a date? If I casually dropped into conversation that I was choicer-curious would I be in?

    2. wellness

      Pious, progressive and professional .

      Can a non- prof, beer guzzling male apply? Willing to wear da geansai and engage in chitchat .

    3. Rob

      I think it is saying no to pro-lifers, but that’s not unreasonable where you’re sharing a small flat with a wine drinking, chatty, pro-choicer. It probably wouldn’t be a good mix with an alter wine drinking pro lifer. People are free to live with whomever they want.

      1. wellness

        Is alter short for alternative? Just wondering. Think I am in with a shot. Am always the first to wear an ironic slogan T-shirt. I even a tattoo on my leg. It says ” dead from here up”.

        1. Rob

          Yes, it is. There are many alternative wines, one of which is altar wine. Another is all tar wine, but that is not pleasant.

    1. Liggy

      Oh good. Does that mean you are going to start turning out for the anti-choice protests in Dublin that you support….. but just not by turning up.

      Isn’t it lovely to have the choice and all?

      Good on ya! :)

      1. newsjustin

        Sure, why not.

        My new flatmate and I can share placard making resources. Might be troublesome though:

        “Hey, that’s Soros funded glue! Hands off”

        “Ah c’mon, this US/Opus Dei money only goes so far you know.”

        “And will you ever move the giant foetus from the hall, I’ve told you that before. It’s a trip hazard.”

        “A potential trip hazard you mean?”

        “Oh newsjustin. I can never stay mad at you…”

        1. Nice Anne1

          “….the giant foetus that looks like a slaughtered calf …. ya know like, the potential baby”

          (pause for laughs)

  2. Mysterybeat

    So is the apartment actually pro-choice, or just the current occupant? I’ve never met a building with opinions on ‘moral issues’.

  3. cluster

    In answer to Mayor Quimby, yes, of course it is legitimate to discriminate against pro-lifers.

    Might be better to try persuade pro-lifers but fair enough if they’ve decided that life is too short to be arguing with someone who doesn’t believe that they should have full control of their own bodies.

  4. Mayor Quimby

    The tone isn’t “we are all for repeal” but “this apartment is and you better get with the program if you want to live here” – ugh, no thanks

    1. Nice Anne1

      if the ad said….

      this is a buddhist / veggies apartment – would you also presume that the unwritten inference was that you had better get on with changing your diet and religion in order to live there

      this is a blokey / rugby apartment, would you presume that …… women had better get that sex change and an o’neills kit asap

      this is a smoking apartment, would you presume that …. you had better develop a love for cancer sticks

  5. hugh_mungus

    Just say you’re gonna vote yes, it’s not like she’s gonna follow you into the voting booth

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