On A Dublin Street



On RTÉ Two.

The first instalment of the new four-part documentary series Trauma will begin at 9.30pm.

Tonight’s episode will include a focus on shop owner Milan Hosek who was treated in the Mater Hospital’s emergency department after his ear was bitten off when he was subjected to a racist attack on a street in Dublin.

Via RTE:

Father-of-three Milan goes to A&E carrying the severed part of his ear in the hope that surgeons can reattach it.

He tells viewers that he was attacked by two men who started abusing him saying things like: “f**king foreigners in our country”.

“I felt really bad when the guy started spitting at me and telling me I’m a foreigner in his country”, he tells viewers. One man then urged his companion to “bite” Milan’s ear off and they attacked him.

Both men ran off after the incident. During the attack, they also told Milan they knew where he lived prompting him to ask the Gardaí to watch his family home.

Dr Sinead McArdle, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Mater tells viewers that: “to remove a part of someone’s body and the force required to take the whole pin of an ear would be unusual”.

In this clip, Milan and his wife Joanna, who hail from the Czech Republic and have lived here since 2003 having opened a city centre bicycle shop, talk about the racism that they have experienced, with both of them attacked within a 20-day period.


48 thoughts on “On A Dublin Street

  1. Liberte Capillaire

    Would be more than time that decent Irish people realize it and get rid of the fallacy of “we don’t have an extreme right wing party so racism is nothing here compare to the rest of Europe”.

  2. Holden MaGroin

    “I think I’ll have a look at Broadsheet.ie while I eat my lunch.” said Holden.He felt happy because there were often funny memes and odd limericks that weren’t quite limericks.
    So he sat at his desk and too k the foil from his toasted cheese and tuna sandwich the page opened and he was shown the picture of a man’s severed ear.
    “Oh” said Holden “that’s bloddy disgusting.” and he never visited Broadsheet.ie again.

    Until the next day when he’d forgotten all about it.

    1. bad@memes

      I don’t see the connection between your ”bloddy disgusting’ sandwich and not visiting Broadsheet again.
      What am I missing?

  3. bad@memes

    I’d like to apologise for my two earlier comments.
    There’s nothing funny about this.

    I’m sorry.

    1. bad@memes

      I am beholden to Holden for the line, ”happy because there were often funny memes”.
      I’ll be putting that on me CV.

      I might correct the grammar first.

  4. shitferbrains

    Look on the positive side ; black people can now get a drink in the Long Valley pub in Cork.

  5. postmanpat

    Is this RTE show competing with “Dirty Foreign Welfare Fraudsters are stealing your Dole” on TV3 ?

    1. bad@memes

      pat, you’re starting to look like your cat.
      Black and white if I remember correctly.

      I usually skip your comments but that one was good.
      Keep it up.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    PRIDE organisers, this has been coming. Not only are revelers having sex in the middle of the day on peoples front of house, as the man says… but they threatened his wife for requesting they move on…..W. T. F. !

    This behaviour is not new, and PRIDE organisers know it.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        No different to complaining about the organisers of Paddy’s Day parades, such a City Council, and their lack of control over past Paddy’s Day revelry. which was a big problem in the past.

        I clearly, state that it is the organisers of an event that have responsibility. The event is a gay parade, so whom else should i direct the complaint to if not the organisers of PRIDE?

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          “No different to complaining about the organisers of Paddy’s Day ”

          You posted this at 2.25. At 2.22, *that’s THREE MINUTES previously, Clamps*, you said this
          “but is descending into something far worse than, say, the drunken carry on of Paddy’s Day.”

          Jayzus, Clamps. Take a breath.

          “so whom else should i direct the complaint to”

          I’d recommend blaming the scummers who actually punched yer man. If you want to get angry at gay people as a block though, like a good bigot, blaming the organisers of gay pride marches would make sense, I guess.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Was his front garden part of the venue? No? Then they’re not responsible. Good lad.

          2. Gimme Shelter

            I’m still trying to figure out what a gay pride event or the alleged behaviour of randomers attending such an event has to do with an apparently random act of racist inspired violence against a bike shop owner. Do you care to elaborate (assuming you are able)? Your conflation of these two completely unrelated events seems hatstand.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            The two are unrelated yet you think the organisers of the unrelated event are responsbile? Insane. Actually insane.

      2. Gimme Shelter

        Am I missing something? Did a poster just conflate a random act of racist-inspired violence with the completely unrelated behaviour of revellers at a gay pride event?

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          In fairness, the chap in the video talks about how two lads were riding in his front garden and *apparently* Pride was on that day. But yeah. That is precisely what he did. People other than the lads that beat up yer man are responsible for him getting beat up because they’re also gay and wanted to walk down a street singing about it.

          1. Gimme Shelter

            Huh? You can’t be fupping serious? That’s what I thought but I was thinking to myself nah maybe he meant to post this on some other thread!

          1. Gimme Shelter

            Bright? Currently there’s little evidence to indicate the existence of even a lightswitch.

    1. Liggy

      Clampers — I have thought this previous but dismissed it as just bad paraphrasing on a previous post but having seen this comment, I have to ask… do you have a problem with gay people?

      1. Clampers Outside!

        None whatsoever, voted for gay persons to ge marriage too.

        What I am saying is that, organisers have put together what was a fun party, but is descending into something far worse than, say, the drunken carry on of Paddy’s Day. I have voiced the same about that too. Much has been done to clean up on street revelry, same needs to be done with PRIDE.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          “but is descending into something far worse than, say, the drunken carry on of Paddy’s Day.”

          Doesn’t have a problem with dza gayizz apparently.

        2. bad@memes

          I talk Gibberish myself sometimes but even I don’t understand what you said there.

          I need a cup of tea, and to ruminate.

          1. bad@memes

            Liggy, there’s no need for that comma after the word ‘faceless’.
            I cannot find fault with the rest of your comment because I don’t understand any of it.

            Are you imitating the other fella?
            – because that would make sense.

        3. Liggy

          Grand. Thanks for explaining. I did hesitate before I posted wondering if I was going a bit batty cos you normally seem sound (for an anon, faceless, commenter on t’interwebs like)

          Glad we could talk it through civilly.

        4. Gimme Shelter

          What needs to be done? Do we not have a whole raft of public order offences on the statute books?

    2. ahjayzis

      SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

      We need to do what they did in the UK around football hooliganism when they banned football, imprisoned the FA board and crucified one in every eleven players and fans to send a message!

      1. ahjayzis

        Seriously though. I remember when Pride was about 3000ish people I think. It’s now TENS of thousands.

        The Gardai are responsible for policing the city outside of the official festival grounds, not the volunteers who organise Pride. There were dozens of arrests at Paddy’s Day last year – I never hear the organisers being put in the frame for it.

        YES there’d probably be less crime if we held no public festivals or gigs or sports events and all went to bed at 9pm. Is that the proposal?

  7. hugh_mungus

    Such a bizarre disconnect, you dont see it for yourself so you dont think it’s happening, but it obviously is.

  8. bad@memes

    What is wrong with some of you?
    Gay men can be racist too.
    They can be anything nowadays.
    They’re actually equal, I think.
    Get over it.

    This has nothing to do with anything but racism.
    Stop hi-jacking threads.

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